Meet Rana Ziadeh, the Palestinian Teacher Who's One of the Top 50 Educators in the World

Hailing from Gaza, Palestine, Rana Ziadeh was nominated in December as one of the top 50 teachers in the world and is scheduled to compete for The Global Teacher Prize, a US $1 million award organized by education charity The Varkey Foundation and presented annually to an exceptional teacher who has made an outstanding contribution to their profession. Throughout her career, Ziadeh has been described as a distinguished educator who has succeeded in coming up with a number of remarkable teaching methods, particular with regards to mathematics, so we would like to shine a light on her achievements and intiatives.

About Her Educational Background
Ziadeh joined the education sector in 2004, after obtaining a Bachelor of Mathematics from the Faculty of Science, from Al-Azhar University in Gaza. In addition to her degree, she obtained a diploma in Educational Qualification from Al-Quds Open University. With a real passion for teaching and displaying exemplary professionalism throughout her career, Ziadeh is currently pursuing her master's degree at the Islamic University of Gaza, specializing in curriculums and teaching mathematics.

About Her Achievements
Prior to being selected for The Global Teacher Prize, she was awarded the title of Best Teacher in Palestine in 2017 (sharing the title with Izdihar Zaher from Qalqiliya) and, before that, she won The State of Palestine Prize for Creativity and Educational Research in 2015, and first place in The Inspired Palestine Prize and in the Mubadarati Initiative in 2016 (launched by the Ministry of Education in Gaza that same year).  

About Her Digital Empowerment
In addition to all these excellent achievements, Ziadeh is the first teacher to publish research addressing digital empowerment in mathematics. In addition, she has achieved a key breakthrough by creating an application considered by many as a qualitative education method utilized in teaching mathematics to high-school students. Thanks to her technique, Ziadeh has now launched a website through which she interacts with students, a site that includes pages with rich educational links and that benefits from the Google sites service.

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