About Reem Al-Aboud: The Youngest Saudi Woman To Drive in the Formula E

Racecar driver Reem Al-Aboud made history last year by becoming the first and youngest Saudi Arabian woman to successfully complete the test drive during Formula E at the Ad Diriyah circuit in Riyadh. The 19-year-old driver discussed her love for the track and the reasons why she got into Formula racing in the first place.

Explaining how she initially developed a passion for racing, Al-Aboud said, “I loved it because of my father's love for it; his regular attendance at races and even his participation in some of them, that’s how my interest in racing started. In 2011, I went with my father to the Formula race in Madin Abu Dhabi. It was there and then my passion for racing began to really grow. I started training in karting until I finally participated in the first karting championship in the Kingdom.”

When asked about her feelings with regards to all she has accomplished so far, she said, “I think it’s hard to describe what I really feel. I would say it’s closer to a mix of feeling accomplished and pure joy. My achievements motivate me to keep on participating and competing in this sport, and to intensify my training in order to develop more. My ultimate goal is to gain more experience and discover races across the globe, to represent girls and women in our dear country. I look forward to participating in the different Formula races for years to come, God willing.”

The young racecar star, who currently studies Advertising and Creative Design at the Business and Technology University (within its Media Faculty), recently earned first place in the second and third rounds of the women's category in the Al Reem Circuit in Riyadh, setting a new record twice in a row.  

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