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22 Breathtaking Aerial Shots Taken Around the World

Chillies are laid out to dry in the sun, Sariakandi, Bangladesh

Aerial photographs have a certain magic touch, because they give you eyes from an angle where you never thought you could see. Sight from above, and another perspective is born. Green fields take other forms and shapes, and the people down there become brush strokes complimenting the overall painting. What could be so mundane on the ground, could be so bewildering from above.

From the Spanish countryside to the chilli fields in Bangladesh, here are 22 breathtaking aerial photographs:

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'Lac Rose' pink lake, Dakar, Senegal, West Africa

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Andalusia, Spain

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Autumn in the Lake District, UK

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Baelo Claudia Roman ruins, Andalusia, Spain

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Barcelona at night, Spain

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Boats on a river, Bogra, Bangladesh

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Cadiz, Spain

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Chillies are laid out to dry in the sun, Sariakandi, Bangladesh

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Extreme wealth inequality in Mexico City's Santa Fe neighbourhood

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Floating market on the Martapura River, Lok Baintan, South Borneo, Indonesia

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Gravediggers, Romania

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Ironworks in Katowice, Poland

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Katowice, Poland

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Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii erupting

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Lavender being harvested, St Julien D'asse, France

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Marshland in the Bahia de Cadiz Natural Park, Spain

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Mysterious markings on the ground, South Africa

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Ratchada market at night, Bangkok, Thailand

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Road across La Geria region vineyards, Lanzarote

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Sardine harvest, Taqah, South Oman

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Spanish Countryside

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Workers lay the harvested rice out to dry, Bogra, Bangladesh

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