Paris Fashion Week Is in Full Swing: Here Are Our Favourite Instagram Looks So Far

Paris Fashion week has started and our Instagram feeds are flooded. Streetsyle has been the ultimate rage for many years, and some even seem to equate it to the importance of the actual shows. Influencers get to showcase their personal style, and we get to take all the inspiration we need. PFW Fall/Winter 2019 - 2020 isn't done yet, but we want to show you some of our favorite looks so far. Take a look:

1. Dana Hourani


Weather conditions: Suitable. @dior

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Perfecting the tux situation, Dana Hourani brings out captivating elements in relatively mundane things; like turning a windy summer day at Sporting Beach Club in Beirut to a wave-crashing visual spectacle thanks to her creativity. Fashion is no different, as she paired a simple chemise with a blazer, a tie, and her famous shades, creating an ultra-straightforward yet ultra-chic look. The Dior shawl and the sleeves add the PFW touch to the outfit, perfecting her insta-shot and her clever caption. 

2. Karen Wazen

Karen Wazen is one of the show-stoppers at every fashion week - this outfit oozed of grunge with the wardrobe-staple Andrea Wazen boots and fishnet collant, and flirty connotations with the twirly Dior dress. Wazen never fails to show us that fashion is always accessible, regardless if she was about to enter the Christian Dior show, her streetstyle is approachable and effortless. Also can a monotone black look ever fail?

3. Lana El Sahely

Yes for the shoulder pads, yes for the sparkles, yes for the makeup, yes to the sequined hair clip, yes, yes, yes! We're loving all the old glamour vibes this outfit is giving us, and if the city of Paris had a look, wouldn't it resemble this? Lana El Sahely always brings something new to the table each fashion season, and this time it was fiery red.

4. Nour Arida 


It’s @chloe day and here’s my Chloe look for their show Beautiful show and collection! #Chloe #PFW #ChloeGirls - Shot by @patricksawaya

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Fun, colorful, and sexy, we're dying for this outfit. Nour Arida's style always catches our eye, and each time it's a different theme; from business chic to sunset rendezvous. The colors mashing together on the assymetrical skirt are gorgeous, and paired with the pink top and cowboy boots, we've got ourselves a winner.

5. Camila Coelho

Anything looks good on Camila Coelho, right? She absolutely can't go wrong. Tulle skirts have been an influencer-favorite especially for the Dior shows. Camila added a twist to the usual sheer outfit by incorporating a turtleneck bodysuit, an off-the-shoulder top part, and thigh-high boots. She almost looks like a superhero, doesn't she? 

6. Nathalie Fanj


Couldn’t ask for a better weather Bonjour Paris #pfw

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Parisian chic at its epitome. Nathalie Fanj is known for her elegance and sophistication in every outfit she wears. This checkered school-flair and beret touch is flawless for sunny Paris. If you've been doubting mixing styles and even being as daring as incorporating a beret, now you know you can. Bonne chance!

7. Rania Fawaz


Can’t get over how beautiful the weather is can’t wait to show you more

Une publication partagée par Rania Fawaz (@raniafawazz) le

Okay so our next date night outfit - while the weather is still chilly - is all black with popping gloves and matching lipstick. We're living for this fitted horseback-riding style blazer Rania Fawaz has on, and the red leather gloves are on our shopping list already.

9. Leena Al Ghouti


Long legs @muglerofficial

Une publication partagée par Leena Ha (@leenalghouti) le

The laid-back Leena was serving looks this week along her usual camera smize. While it may appear manageable, her androgynous style is so enviable and suits her so perfectly that we think only she can pull it off. Should we start practicing our camera stares à la Leena, then think about looking for these gorgeous white shoes?

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