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This Croatian Couple Honeymooned in Al-Ula and Can’t Stop Talking About It

Located in the north western region of Saudi Arabia is Al Ula, a stunning location recently known for its Winter in Tantora festival that saw the likes of Yanni and Andrea Bocelli perform for the first time in the Kingdom, as well as for its timeless golden sandstone and stunning rock formations that bring in visitors from all over the region to camp, rock climb, and hike. What Al Ula has yet to become famous for is being a great honeymoon destination. However, one Croatian couple took to social media to change people’s minds about that.

Speaking in a video that was recently shared on MBC Action’s YouTube channel, Davor, who is a writer, photographer, and artist, shared his excitement at spending his honeymoon with his wife Angela in Al Ula, saying, “We just started three weeks ago in Paris. We visited Oman and now we come to Saudi Arabia. What we have seen so far is amazing, this nature is beautiful. We like nature so much, and desert, and this is one of the most beautiful deserts that I’ve seen.”

His wife also shared Davor’s astonishment regarding Al Ula, explaining that being there felt like a dream. She also went on to describe the region’s landscape as beautiful, saying, “This is like I’m on another planet because of the nature. It’s so beautiful, it’s out of this [world], it’s blown my mind.”

"And this is our honeymoon"

The couple were also pleasantly surprised at the hospitality they received from Saudis, explaining that although they had only been there for two days, they had already made many friends, met many people, and felt like they connected easily with locals, with Angela saying that it felt “like we are brothers, you know?”

Davor ended the video with memorable words fit for what seemed like a memorable honeymoon for him and his wife, saying, “When we meet big differences, we actually confirm that we are all the same, even though we are different.”

"This nature is beautiful, we love deserts and nature."

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