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Kaffe Bloom Is the New Dubai Go-To for Specialty Coffees, Teas and Asian Desserts

If you’re a coffee connoisseur, tea lover or have a sweet tooth and get a kick from trying tasty Insta-style Asian desserts, this is the new spot to try in Dubai.

Kaffe Bloom, located inside 1004 Gourmet in the Onyx Tower, is the first specialty coffee shop in The Greens. As well as serving the best coffee beans from Berlin, it also brings the art of tea to Dubai and offers delicious sweet Asian treats. Another reason to go is the café’s stunning views across Sheikh Zayed that help elevate visitors’ experiences even more.

The Coffee Club

Cafe Latte

Coffee enthusiasts visiting the new café are sure to leave with their taste buds tantalised. With beans jetted in from the leading roaster in Europe, THE BARN, Kaffe Bloom has perfected the brew. There’s something for everyone, for example if you’re looking for a stronger and more distinct taste, you will undoubtedly enjoy the perfect 'pick me up'. Vietnamese coffee created with sweetened condensed milk.

Chestnut with jand drip coffee

Then again, there’s the regular Café Latte, Cappuccino and Espresso options, plus if you have some time it’s worth waiting for the baristas to manually brew coffee, ensuring precision. Sweet experiences are also available with options like its famed Italian Affogato. Created with a hot espresso shot and a scoop of artisanal ice cream, made by locally operated Canvas Gelato, it’s scrumptious, and Insta-worthy.

Time For Tea

Asian teas

Kaffe Bloom also has an impressive assortment of teas. From Sencha Green Tea, where whole Japanese leaves are placed into hot water, to Houjicha Roasted Green Tea, which is roasted in a porcelain pot over a high temperature altering the leaf colour tints from green to reddish brown, there’s a world of choices.

If you prefer something a bit more adventurous, Green Tea Cold Brew offers a refreshing twist. The Yabukita Sencha tea leaves are brewed in cold water for four hours, bringing out the subtle sweetness while eliminating the bitter flavours. Interesting iced selections you can pick from the menu include Thai Iced Tea and Plum Soda.

The Sweet Section

Houjicha roll cake

Bingsoo, as its known in Korea, or Kakigori as its known in Japan, is Kaffe Bloom’s newly launched popular shaved ice dessert that comes in milk, mango and matcha green tea flavours.  The team is also planning to launch new tastes every month, focusing on seasonal fruits from around the world.

Asian brownies

Aritsinal magic goes into making the dessert, which can be topped with delicious options like fruits, syrup, red bean paste and mochi rice cake. A block of ice is shaved into layers of flakes as thin as paper, made in a way that doesn’t melt too fast while avoiding clumps of ice. The fragile ice tower soaks up the homemade juices whilst maintaining the fluffy texture that simply dissolves in your mouth.

Other sweet delights for you to try out include fluffy Japanese cheesecake, Houjicha Roll Cake and Matcha Roll Cake.

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