Voyageur Jewelry Founder Bachir Sarkis Established the First Autism School in Lebanon

“It’s not every day that we meet real life superheroes, but when we do we must hold them dearly”. This is what Bachir Sarkis has to say when you ask him about his new school for autistic children.

To help out a cause close to his heart, he has labored to establish the “1, 2, 3 Autism School” in Dbayé, the first of its kind in Lebanon. The school was funded with a donation from Sarkis Sarkis, and will run under the management of “NECC – USA”.

Father of two, Bachir has grown up in a large family where support and understanding were very important. Aside from having a successful career in jewelry, tobacco, fashion and hospitality, he has always followed his passion: and his biggest passion is for children. That’s why when he saw a gap in the educational system he decided to take matters into his own hands.

It’s tough for autistic children to function in a normal school where they will not receive the attention they need and where they can’t connect with their peers. For kids who would have grown up shut off from society, this is a chance at a normal life. At a specialized private school that supports the needs of a child on the autistic spectrum, they will receive therapeutic intervention and specialized attention that will allow them to thrive. This school will welcome kids and will help out parents as well. For parents who had given up, this is a new chance.


With his Midas touch, the young Mr. Sarkis is now on a new mission to raise awareness for this cause that affects so many lives, and yet nothing can be done about it. Medicine has not found a solution for autism yet, but we have patience and love.

“Growing up with confidence will allow these special kids to function and take their rightful place in society, which is every parent’s dream for their child” Bachir says with a glow in his eyes,“When I see a child smile, it gives me hope. And with hope you can do anything”.

About the Founder
Bachir Sarkis is an entrepreneur, member of the “Sarkis” family business group, and owner of “Voyageur Jewelry”. If you know anything about precious gems, fine gold and beautiful designs, then you must know Voyageur. This jewelry brand of timeless class and elegance has adorned the most beautiful women of the world and become a star-favorite in no time. From trendy accessories, to exclusive pieces and royal collections, the colorful line of expressive jewels is eye catching and exuberant. It is an invitation to live, to love and to explore.

Born out of a love for adventure and everything precious, Voyageur is the brain child of the businessman with a passion for beauty. Having worked in many fields and traveled around the world, Bachir Sarkis has also developed an eye for high quality diamonds and unique precious stones. This has driven him to keep traveling, to seek inspiration for his successful and expanding brand.


Nature, architecture and people have all been Bachir’s source of inspiration and innovation with Voyageur. The Lebanese brand has become synonymous with power and style. If you are wearing Voyageur, it means you are fierce, you are a woman who knows exactly what she wants and how to get it. You are a modern, strong and sophisticated individual. And that’s exactly the image of women that Bachir grew up with, learning from the best mentor and his greatest influence: his mother, Mrs. Sarkis.

He hopes his most recent passion project, 1, 2, 3, will provide guidance, understanding and a safe place for autistic children.

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