Two Palestinian Students Invented a Smart Garbage Disposal That Rewards Eco-Friendly People

Palestinian students Mariam Al-Hussari and Frial Ajour have invented a project that serves the environment in a fun and rewarding way.

This invention is a smart container, which gives back to people who dispose garbage in it by offering free WIFI or a chance to charge one’s phone. The inventive and talented students’ project sorts garbage within the container into plastic and metal, it also runs on solar energy through a built-in cell and has sensors that notifies needed authority to for the emptying process.


The vessel has a special display screen for advertising and promotion. After the invention was completed in 3 months, it received recognition and support from the UCAS Technological Incubator of the University College in the Gaza Strip.

Al-Hussari and Ajour revealed that the main objective of the invention is to promote a culture that focuses on cleanliness and waste sorting within the community, and to make things easier on garbage workers to collect garbage that are scattered randomly. They also hope for it to spread and be known outside of Palestine as well.

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