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Crafting Change: 10 Saudi Female Inventors with Brilliant Creations

Saudi women at the forefront of Vision 2030 has been so exhilarating to witness. Achievement after achievement, success story after story; we’re beholding a female foray like no other in the Middle East. The world is in awe of them, and so are we.

AboutHer’s mission to highlight Saudi women’s ventures and undertakings, from the medical to the artistic, continues and today, we shine a light on the creators. Here are the gifted Saudi Arabian female inventors that have shaped and will continue to shape industries around them with their ingenuity and creativity:

1- Hadeel Ayoub

Ayoub is the creator of BrightSign, a smart glove that transforms sign language to sound. This creation has a whopping 97% accuracy and has already raised USD 1 million due to its progressive aim to enable speech-impaired or disabled people to have normal day-to-day communications.

2- Khulood Al-Abbasi

This Saudi woman is the proud inventor of a pollution-free scooter. This means of transportation is nothing like its peers; for starters, it has the amazing feature of producing oxygen, and its battery also happens to be eco-friendly and rechargeable.

3- Dr. Huda Al-Mansour

Other than being responsible for establishing the Kingdom’s premarital checkup law, Dr. Al Mansour has 10 international patents under her name. Her contribution are as follows: a screw to fix long bones, photo laser syringes, an electromagnetic device to treat chronic and incurable diseases, and food supplements that treat senility-associated diseases.

4- Dr. Hanan Al-Qawzi

Professor Al Qawzi is an inventor of a cure for glaucoma. Without treatment, glaucoma increases pressure and damages the optic nerve, thus leading to undeviating vision loss. She revealed a medication that triggers the melatonin rate in the intraocular fluid, which controls eye pressure, and therefore relieving the symptoms.

5- Maha Al-Saadoon

Al-Sadoon is the Saudi woman responsible for the Counter Weight Hydraulic Piston. Her creation is basically a mechanical unit that is used to pump liquids and gases at a user-set pressure rate with zero, or very limited, energy consumption.

6- Salehah Al-Shahrany

Al-Shahrani is responsible for a progressive defense system that immobilizes projectiles before they reach their target vehicle. The apparatus helps to guide police cars from any strayed or targeted gunshot by reactively dispatching metal plates towards them.

7- Jannah Al-Shahrani

This invention by Jannah combats case fires inside cars. What happens is that the sensors actuate the extinguisher, and simultaneously the fans and vacuuming tubes suck the smoke and fire powder. It can be integrated with other parts of the car to increase fire combating efficiency and help rescuing passengers like opening/closing windows and doors.

8- Lula Al Sria

Lula Al Sria invented a LED screen dashboard with speakers, which serves as a platform for applications pertaining to education and students’ performance analysis. The system integrates itself with different sources of data from school admin, teachers, students and parents. It also showcases performance trends, progress, events calendar, and many other features that can be customized.

9- Sadeem Al-Marri

Al-Marri used a 3D-printer to form a mechanical hand that can translate Arabic text entered in a mobile application into sign language, thus aiding hearing and speech disabled individuals in the Arab region to communicate with other people.

10- Nasreen Issa

Issa created an app called, “Know Your Rights”, which helps educate Saudi women on the law, in case they are facing legal trouble. The app has an exhaustive guide that tackles the prevalent problems met by Saudi women in the justice system, so they can be knowledgeable about any problem they might face.


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