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5 Ways To Dress Right on Date Night

There’s something special about dressing up for a romantic date, it’s just not quite the same as decking out for the other myriad occasions (formal or otherwise) we attend. The romantic date is when we strive to look stylish, astounding and impressive for that certain someone. It’s going that extra mile to make it memorable, but more so to have fun with our looks and bring out the best of our personalities. Whether it’s a style that is striking, dramatic, girly or classic how we dress should ultimately be comfortable and make us feel confident. So put your best foot and frock forward for that romantic rendezvous!

The Colour of Love

Red set on

OK, it is such a cliché and we all know red is associated with love, but there is in fact some real motives behind the reason we recommend you wear the racy colour. It has been scientifically proven that red has obvious physical effects on human beings: It increases blood pressure, respiration rate and heartbeats and stimulates the body’s adrenaline production. What’s more, it grabs attention, and strangely red creates an illusion of time passing faster - so you won’t be boring your dinner date.  As an added bonus, women wearing red are more sought-after and seen as more attractive too. 

However, remember too much red can be overwhelming so make sure it is worn with at least one different colour to tone it down and create a balanced effect. Adding a touch of black and gold with accessories can be very chic or pair it with black stilettos. Or else go for a clutch or pumps in the colour of Cupid’s arrow to jazz up a black outfit.

All That Glitters…Attracts

All that glitters is definitely tantalising and fun so jazz up your look with lots of gold jewellery to accentuate your look.  Another way to shine is to go for sequins; these tiny shimmering metallic discs are brilliant and never go out of style! If you wear a gold encrusted dress or blouse you don’t need much else for adornment as they are quite flashy already. The attractive mirror effect look is guaranteed to heat up the conversation and the dance floor.

Bring Back That Bridal Enchantment

White ruffled one-shoulder dress on

If you have been with your partner for long time, white can perhaps remind you of renewing vows and rekindling the day you said, “I do”.  White is also the hue most often associated with innocence, perfection, honesty, cleanliness and beginnings.  But let’s not categorise it purely for rites of passage occasions as white almost always makes a striking and seductive fashion statement too.  It was after all that iconic white halter-top dress that helped secure Marilyn Monroe’s image as a seductive Hollywood siren.

We however recommend the mixed effect, such as a two-tone white dress or something jazzed up with sparkling sequins or intricate lace, making the look more opaque and glamourous.  White accessories such as in a clutch or wristwatch are also stunning when paired with darker shades. Whatever white may symbolise for us, we can all agree there is something extremely elegant and timeless about a white ensemble, which can work well for any season throughout the year.

It’s That Old Black Magic

Sequined dress on

If all else fails we can always fall back on the little black dress. The ubiquitous LBD is so versatile and graceful, and we never tire of it.  The colour simply represents glamour for women the world over. The power of black was surely influenced by the iconic Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” thanks to her dress designed by Hubert de Givenchy, which was beautifully accessorised with pearls. We recommend giving the iconic LBD a little twist so that it’s on par with this season’s trends.

Black accessories are undisputedly classy too and are easy to match with almost any colour.  A handbag and pumps in black are wardrobe staples but always fun when they come with an edge, whether adorned with gold studs or mixed with another shade.

Date Night Tidbits

MCM “Patricia Soaring Heart” bag on

Avoid carrying a big bag for a romantic evening.  While a large holdall looks elegant cruising through the airport terminal or in the office, a dainty clutch or a petite shoulder bag is more suitable for a date night. The cinched waist is the epitome of ladylike fashion expression, so if the look allows it, emphasise a shapely silhouette with a waist belt. Adding a belt over dresses, skirts and even coats can be very flattering and chic. When in doubt go for high heels. You don’t need to go for those scary vertiginous heels, but make them high enough to give you added height and an edge. Heels magically add allure and confidence, improving your gait and posture.

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