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9 Chic Decorating Ideas

These showstopper ideas will help your home look effortlessly stunning.

The space around you can affect your lifestyle, and the great news is redesigning your home and changing your surroundings is within your reach. Just follow these simple steps to add comfort and make the best possible use of house space.

1. Put your artistic touch in the most unexpected places
Try adding some special touches to your home to create a haven for your guests. The home entrance is the most obvious place to adorn, but you can also add something special to a kitchen, a children’s room, or even a balcony.

2. Revamp the lighting and accessories

Subtle lighting in your living room creates a cosy ambience. Adding special lamps to your living room and even the kitchen or the dining room can make such a difference. Also, focused lighting, like in a room corner used for reading or in a cabinet, can highlight spaces. Bring attention to textures, such as woven carpets, fur trimmings, a table made of natural wood, and even a bicycle hung on the wall. You don’t have to resort to wallpaper and plaster decorations for your walls, but do consider dark marble to create a certain look. An added benefit is that it is easy to maintain, especially when there are youngsters in the house.

3. Decorate your balcony with accessories and attractive shades
You can’t go wrong if you incorporate distinctive exterior lighting, as well as elegant furniture and accessories to your balcony. For added shade use a fixed or movable umbrella that suits the interior design. Don’t feel obliged to use colours to match your interior, but rather what suits them without breaking the harmony. Colourful and patterned umbrellas with vivid hues lessen the appeal of your setting, but, if they match your home go ahead and add them. Just remember to make the outer space an extension of your home and not an alienated spot.

4. Make use of every corner

Every home has unused corners. Whether it’s a wide corridor below a staircase, or an entrance to a large terrace, make good use of them by hanging paintings on the walls, a mirror to add dimension, or even a couple of couches.

5. Restore the guest room  It's fun to have a spacious guestroom, not overloaded with furniture. Create a luxurious space by changing the distribution of furniture or add something novel, such as connecting sofas.

6. Create a family dining room

You’re unlikely to eat with your family in the formal dining room every day or to use the fancy dishes for each meal. You can just arrange a less formal dining arrangement in an innovative manner by selecting a striking rug to place under the table and hanging a modern lampshade above the table to make the food look more appealing. What’s more, feel free to add some colourful cushions on the chairs.

7. Give your kitchen a modern touch
If you are in the process of buying a new kitchen table or work surfaces, select white or another light colour to reflect the lighting in dark areas.  It’s best to pick surfaces with natural-looking wood, such as walnut and choose transparent, colourful storage boxes in the same design, which are more eye-catching than non-transparent plastic ones. Alternatively, you can choose clear glass containers. Plus you can inject modern lighting for a unique touch.

8. Make your bedroom into a relaxing haven

You should avoid working in your bedroom and create a small office in another room instead. You can add extra drawers to existing bedroom cupboards to create a neat space without any clutter. Dimmed out lights always do the trick as well!

9. Create a stylish dressing room
There are some great ideas when it comes to adding an artistic touch to your dressing room, such as a comfortable seat or coloured cushions. You can also hang a painting on the wall or a large mirror with an elegant frame, if there is enough space. Additionally, you can place a luxurious, thick carpet on the floor to keep your feet warm while you are choosing clothes and shoes.

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