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Our Favourite Collections and Moments from Paris Couture Week SS19

Paris Haute Couture Week has been a blast; the most attended and talked about fashion week of all time delivered what may have been some of our favourite shows of all time. The Spring/Summer 2019 themes were bewildering, yet suprisingly attainable. From Lebanon to South America, nations were represented, sentences were screamed at us from the catwalk, erupt creativity was showcased in the basements and back-stages of the most prestigious venues in the city, and most importantly activist-fashion was served – because we love it when beauty and brains fuse together.

Elie Saab Had Everyone Diving Headfirst Into Caribbean Underwaters
Sequined shapes resembling the coral reefs, and colors channelling the beauty of the untamed Caribbean, Elie Saab’s collection felt like a soothing wave gently brushing us side to side.

When we think of the Lebanese label, we think body-hugging silhouettes, gorgeous artisanal embroidery, and of course a look that oozes of womanhood and power. There’s something about an Elie Saab piece that screams of majesty, and this time it was elegance imagined with the feisty, fiery, and seductive elements of Aruba nights out.

The collection consisted of sheer goddess gowns, with the exception of a couple of magnificently-structured and asymmetrical suits and short dresses

Exaggerated sleeves also made an entrance in this collection on an incredible nude gown with clear-water blue accents, its shapes reminding us of the organic waves of Dominica.

The same flair followed many other pieces in his collection, ranging from all white to all nude to all blue gowns.

Cindy Bruna stunned in an off-white one-sleeve gown coming together perfectly in an embroidered accessory on the side of the waist.

Our definitive favorites would be the stunner bodysuit with a floor length coat and the low cut halter neck gown. The details, the needlework, the statement glasses and earrings, and the fusion of the colors; ultimate masterpieces.

Valentino’s Orders for Us This Season: Stop and Smell the Flora
“I have asked the seamstresses of the Atelier to personally name each dress with a name of a flower or with the emotion brought by the flower itself. I was inspired by the Abécédaire de Flore.” - Pierpaolo Piccioli, artistic director of Maison Valentino.

Flower power was the theme of Valentino’s collection for SS19, be it the pronounced ruffles, full-bodied skirts, intense colors, or petals for eyelashes Piccioli’s collection had guests’ eyes and phone cameras glued to every piece.


Flower shapes, flower patterns and flower feelings, this collection put on an unforgettable illustration of wildness and ingenuity, as we held our breath ensemble after ensemble. Imagine yourself frolicking in an evergreen pasture, with exquisite blossoms surrounding you - the ones with the passionate smells – what are you wearing? One of these pieces of course:

Don’t fret; a dinner party on a penthouse terrace would work as well:

The interesting thing about this collection is regardless of its powerful propensity, we could entirely imagine a woman strutting down the street in the creations.

And of course, the fashion superwoman, the buzzing appearance which was flooding everyone’s Instagram stories last night, the legend, Naomi Campbell closed the show with a treasured moment:

Sarcastic and Sassy: The Literal Fashion Statements by Viktor & Rolf
“NO PHOTOS PLEASE” was screamed as a plethora of cameras clicked, only to have the same pictures wildly circulating on social media platforms.

Viktor & Rolf left the undisclosed impressions and messages to be deciphered by the guests, and we can bet the front-rowers had interesting conversations over dinner after the show.

The first thing we thought of when we took a look at the enthralling collection is the meme culture - which arguably can be one of the top universal communication means in the world.

Are Viktor & Rolf making way for an era of fashion satire?

Is the dynamic duo fighting a cold fashion war with nameless parties?

Or have they combined comebacks tackling social and political conundrums around the world in an effort to make the masses wake up and asses the crumbling creations around us?

The possibilities are endless, but for us? We love it when fashion gets feisty or whatever.

Givenchy’s Bleached Canvas: Claire Waight Keller Worked the Tabula Rasa Angle Like No Other
She wanted a clean slate this season. In opposition to the previous collections, the artistic director of the house of Givenchy blanked out the venue with an all-white sleek aesthetic. However her collection didn’t all follow the same theme, as many pieces were striking in their simplicity, other ensembles made a prominent mark against the backdrop.

Effortlessness and originality never fused so perfectly together as they did in this collection. Chic testimonies were lingering in every ensemble; we adored the lilac plisse low-cut top and the leather one-sleeve accessory.

A couple of pieces also had major fringe moments, and by major we mean top to bottom multi-color fringe action. A monochrome vibe was dominant, but that didn’t stop Waight Keller from featuring vibrant colors meshed in different leather and lace material.


The ultimate game-changer of the show had to be the bow-backpacks. We can already imagine herds of influencers rocking this very soon.


And for your night outs, whether you were going for a seductive and dramatic expression...

Or a cheeky and artistic impression, the gowns were phenomenally real, in a way that made them convincingly wearable, while never letting go of the haute couture status.

Dancing in Mehico: A Chic South American Getaway as Imagined by Ralph & Russo
And now, a personal favorite of mine: Ralph & Russo, who, I believe, truly outdid themselves this season.

The main inspiration behind this breathtaking and playful collection is the legendary and eccentric Maria Felix, and along with the one of Mexico’s greatest actresses came the sombrero, reptiles, and safari motifs.

If you ever escape with your Latin lover to lay on Mexico’s dreamy beaches, to dance in its bustling streets, and to stay up to watch, what is said to be, the most stunning of sunrises, your suitcase should look a little like this:



The embroidery on the sleeveless gowns was exquisite, and tight-fitted bodice joined soundly with the layered and flowing skirts of the breathtaking dresses.

Staying true to the vivacious theme, pompoms were also seen on the collection: on a lively cream-pink mini dress, and a sultry asymmetrical black and nude one.

See-through material hugged the models’ figures resembling Maria Felix’s dress in Diego River’s famous portrait of her.



Wide brimmed hats, resembling the iconic sombreros, complimented the alluring outfits underneath them, showing unparalleled style and glamour.



Finally the show-stopping bride who closed the show. We’ll let the picture do the talking:

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