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Yara Alnamlah, the Saudi Beauty Influencer To Add to Your Feed in 2019

This beauty professional will help get you out of that make-up rut, especially if you like colours that pop.

Saudi make-up artist, blogger and YoutTuber Yara Alnamlah had a huge year in 2018. The Riyadh-based beauty expert made impressive strides by collaborating with renowned brands like Benefit Middle East and Max Mara. She’s also been busy developing her own make-up line. “I want to offer women the tools to create the best versions of themselves,” Alnamlah, who has already launched her own perfume, told "Vogue Arabia."


Recently @toofaced born this way super coverage concealer is my favorite! I use the shade ‘honey’ to cover dark circles , and then i apply the shade ‘natural beige’ to make it look brighter. DID YOU TRY IT?? If not YOU HAVE TOانتوا عارفين انه الحين كونسيلري المفضل هو هذا من تو فييسد طبعًا فل فل كفر يجنن و يغطي الهالات و الحلو انه ما يكتل ولا تحسين بطبقه على بشرتك.. استخدم لون غامق الي هو ' هوني ' للهالات و بعدها انور المنطقه ب ' ناتشورال بيج' . اللي ما جربه لازم يجربه ! انا مو اي كونسيلر يعجبني #toofaced #tfbornthisway

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Alnamlah who is studying architecture at Prince Sultan University, started posting on Instagram, where she now has 556,000 followers, when she was sweet 16. She started making a name for herself creating make-up tutorials for women’s only shopping platform Boutiqaat.

The 19-year-old is known for bestowing perfectly bronzed looks, along with a natural flush, on her clients. Specialising in party and wedding make-up, she aims to give brides that definitive wedding glow. Without a doubt, having perfectly luminous skin is one of the keys to achieving this, so she emphasises a lot on skincare.

For daytime looks, Alnamlah loves a gentle smoky eye accompanied by some nude lipstick. A regular in Dubai, she also adores colourful hues in general and regularly uses eyeliners that pop. “I get truly motivated by seeing different colours around me, and they inspire so much of my world, from my clothes to my make-up,” she told "Harper’s Bazaar Arabia." The dark eyed beauty, who has impeccable skin herself, also loves testing with textures.

While Alnamlah’s make-up changes according to the latest trends, the proud Saudi always makes an effort to incorporate fads in a way that enhances her Arab clients’ natural beauty.  Alnamlah, who was spotted mingling with Jordan’s Queen Rania during the Arab Social Media Influencers Summit, has worked with royals and celebrities like Nawal Al Kuwaitia and Assala Nasri.

For her tutorials, click here.

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