Saudi Cities Take the #10YearChallenge

Since the whole world has been throwing back ten years and taking the infamous #10yearchallenge across social media where they have been comparing how they looked a decade ago, AboutHer.com decided that the same could apply for Saudi Arabia’s top 3 cities.

The kingdom has undergone some rapid changes over the last ten years, especially its capital, Riyadh, the coastal city of Jeddah, and Mecca. We take a look at just how much the cities have developed in a decade.

In 2009, Riyadh city was much less built up, but was most certainly on its way to major developments.

Riyadh 2009

Riyadh 2019

This coastal city has transformed into a touristic weekend city break for many Saudi locals. From hotels with fabulous sea views and cultural activities, this is the city that keeps on giving.

Jeddah 2009

Jeddah 2019

The holy city of Mecca welcomes millions of pilgrims per year and has developed up to the minute systems and accommodating hotels in the past decade to ensure a comfortable and safe pilgrimage for visitors from all over the world.

Mecca 2009

Mecca 2019

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