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For All Hijabis Across the Globe, Here Are Four Simple and Essential Fashion Tips You’ll Love

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Over the last few years, the global fashion industry has awakened to the needs of a large section of the world – Muslim women who opt to dress in modest fashion. Once merely a niche market, today modest Muslim fashion is slowly making its way into mainstream fashion. As Muslim women now have more options for what they choose to wear, individualizing styles particularly with hijabs is easier than ever. From playing with colors and patterns, experimenting with pins and material, here are our top four tips to kickstart the year in style so you can spruce up the way you wear your hijab today.

1. Control Those Baby Hairs

To start off, having a great hijab style is having a hairstyle that allows for that. One of the things many hijabis struggle with is finding ways to manage baby hairs. However, the easiest way to deal with flyaway strands and baby hairs is hairspray. Another option is to wear an underscarf or headband before putting on your hijab. This option is a fun one as it allows you to play around with two different colors, as well as tying styles, without worrying about your hair peeking through.

2. Experiment With Colors

The great thing about hijabs today is that they come in more colors, styles, and patterns than ever before. So why stick to one style when you can experiment? Go flashy when you feel like brightening a rainy day, somber when you have a formal meeting, and patterned when you want to make a toned-down outfit pop; the options are endless! Your headscarf definitely does not have to be mono-colored, and paired with an under-scarf, you can blend colors, play with hues, and create unique styles.

3. Keep It Fresh, Clean, And Ironed

Although hijabs hold great religious significance to people who choose to wear them, many women tend to overlook their proper care. Your hair and head health are very important, so make sure you always have freshly cleaned hijabs available, and try ironing out creases and rumples before wearing. Trust us, you won’t regret it. Also, your hair spends most of the day covered, so it’s best to invest in hijabs that allow your scalp to breathe such as those made of cotton or chiffon.

4. Change It Up A Bit

One of the most beautiful things about Islam is how diverse its followers are. Muslims come from all corners of the globe, and each country or community has created a hijab-wearing style that is uniquely theirs. Knowing this can be to your advantage. Do you always wrap your hijab in exactly the same way? Then look to the world for inspiration on how you can wear your scarf differently. A quick search online will reveal styles such as double layer, capped, sleeved, V-shape, and round! Also, invest in a few hijab pins and brooches that will surely accentuate your scarf and make it pop.

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