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The Future of the UAE Is Fast-Coming and Phenomenal

The UAE is constantly building and striving to be the best – whether the architecture, design, fashion, technology and even space, the country is always 10 steps ahead.

Over the last few years Dubai has been working towards and succeeded in transforming itself into a “model smart city” – which is set to revolutionize the way private and government sector services are supplied to residents and visitors.

The government are always keen to maintain their place ahead of the game when it comes to technology – especially the boost in smartphone ownership and high internet usage which has not only enhanced the quality of life in the UAE, but has also been a driving force in the government’s decision to continue investing in innovative technologies.

In January 2019, the ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, mapped out the future of the city, and highlighted the UAE as a place for skilled and gifted people, as well as a place that cultivates the most talented minds to develop ground breaking concepts. The UAE has already proven itself as a valuable source to young entrepreneurs, being tech savvy and innovative and encouraging an active start up culture.

Dubai has developed rapidly in its 47 years, much faster than cities including London and New York, and has a number of aspirational plans to achieve an exceptional future. The city hopes to adopt a block chain technology and has plans to become the first city in the world to be run by it by 2020. Thinking even further into the future, by 2030, Dubai is expecting 25% of its buildings to be 3D printed and 25% of its public transportation to be self-directed.

In 2031, Dubai would like to achieve 100% reliance on Artificial Intelligence for data analysis and government services. Not only is Dubai thinking about the next 10 years or so, it’s also considering 100 years to come as it aims to have established the first inhabitable human settlement on Mars by 2117.

Speaking of Artificial Intelligence, the UAE is also looking at ways in which drones and robots can be utilized for purposes that can serve humanity in a positive way, including assistance with disasters, urban planning, and delivering humanitarian aid.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid stated, "The future will be for those who adopt innovation," and that’s exactly what he and his government are aiming for as Dubai is presently amidst building the world’s first Museum of the Future. The museum will be a “unique incubator for ideas and a destination for inventors and entrepreneurs.”

We couldn’t be more excited for tomorrow.

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