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Natural and Refreshing Beverages from the Middle East That Will Leave You Feeling Great

If you come from or have lived for a while in the Middle East, then you’ve most probably experienced this: sneezes, yawns, headaches, or drowsiness, and there’s almost always someone you know, be it friends or family, who will suggest you try a generations-old natural remedy. Although many of these unconventional solutions from the region have not been scientifically proven, they are all delicious, thirst-quenching, and good for the body in so many ways:

1. Karkadeh

A popular drink across the Arab region and in many parts of Africa, karkadeh (known as hibiscus in English) is a bright red beverage that many have used regularly for a myriad of reasons; it is said to help with high blood pressure, digestive issues, and even inflammation.

2. Yansoun

Known as anise in English, people across the region boil the seeds and sip the resulting brew when they have an upset stomach, a cold, and some say even to improve appetite.

3. Za’atar

This popular herb is known globally as one of the main ingredients for mankoushe pies, and as a herb used in salads and chicken dishes. However fresh za’atar, which is basically wild thyme, is as great as tea and is said to help when you have a cough or sore throat.

4. Zhourat

From Damask rose to chamomile, verbena to marshmallow flowers, this floral and herb blend is very popular in Lebanon and Syria. Zhourat, which is a derivative of the Arabic word for flower, is a floral drink packed full of vitamins and provides a world of benefits to your body, while also helping with insomnia, upset stomachs, and more.

5. Maramia

You’ve probably seen maramia (sage in English) being used in chicken and beef roasts but, in this region, it is also used as tea. Its strong earthy taste is delicious and helps with digestive problems, bloating, heartburn, and more.

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