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This Self-Taught Saudi Artist's Hand-Makes Her Own Minimalist Designs


Hasna Baker’s designs are either black or white, with a centered-designed, which can be anything you want, as long as it falls within her creative direction.



She talked more about her pieces of art to Arab news, “All my designs are hand-drawn. I could easily draw them digitally, but I think keeping them hand-drawn gives a more personal and authentic feel. The little imperfections are  what add to the design.” And indeed they do.



The idea was the brainchild of her love for graphic T-shirts and her passion for minimal fashion. Baker puts emphasis on the meaning behind every design.



She even created an edition for Saudi National Day back in September:



Her art is not limited to t-shirts, as she occasionally works on projects on canvas and walls. She told Arab News that the piece she is most proud of is a large canvas of an elephant, which took her around 6 months to complete.



She currently sells her designs through Crate, a concept boutique, and you can contact her through her Instagram page or email.


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