Check Out the Photo Diary of Saudi Photographer Tasneem Alsultan

 "Saudi Tales of Love" by Tasneem Alsultan

Meet Tasneem Al-Sultan, a Saudi Arabian-American photographer, who not only manages to capture incredible snaps on her lens but also sheds a light on gender and social issues in Saudi society.

Her creatively innovative work exhibits intimate - and often left unspoken – realities and experiences. From precious moments at weddings to random people on the street, this artist uses her camera to give a sneak peak on how the rest of the world lives.

Al-Sultan’s work has gained recognition all over the world; from being featured in Vogue Italia to the New York Times Lens Blog. The genius photographer has also received awards and participated in many exhibitions.

Here are some of our favourite shots from her Instagram page:


Saudi Arabian photographer @tasneemalsultan addresses gender and social issues in the Middle East. Her series ‘Saudi Tales of Love’ explores questions about love, marriage, and expectations. In an interview with @time: “It began as a hobby but Alsultan later turned her lens toward lavish weddings. A female Saudi wedding photographer used to be rare and even frowned upon, she says, and some Saudis consider it to be a job for “paparazzi.” Yet she gradually made a name for herself and quit her lecturing job to go full-time. As she continued down that path, she pivoted to what came next: the happily ever after—or not. Throughout the past few years, she has met women from across the spectrum in a bid to decipher the concepts of love and marriage—those who were single or divorced, married for decades, widowed or even remarried—as well as the impact of guardianship.” Read our full interview with Tasneem on Medium! Link: #ycreate #photography #SaudiArabia#photographersofinstagram #marriage#wedding

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Return of the Cassette #walkman #daughters #retro #dammam #saudiarabia

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With her bubble-gum pink hair and stylishly ripped jeans, Doaa Bassem [second right] goes a long way to redefining what it means to be a Saudi woman these days. At age 14, she learned how to change the oil of her father’s car and dreamed of owning a classic Trans Am. Although she assumed she would be barred from driving the sleek, loud muscle car, she wanted the fun of taking the engine apart and rebuilding it. By 17, she had entered into an arranged marriage. Within a year, she had given birth to a child, divorced, then remarried and divorced again. Now, at 29, she is a single mother who works, lives on her own and plans to be among the first women who take to the streets on Sunday, the first day they will be legally permitted to drive in Saudi Arabia, an absolute monarchy that is the last country in the world to bar women from driving. Ms. Bassem won’t be behind the wheel of a sports car, though. She will be riding a Harley. “I’ve always been a tomboy and a rebel,” she said. “Now, others are thinking more like me. Parents have started to understand that marriage isn’t everything, that girls might want a different life. And society is starting to accept this too.” Story published today on @nytimes words by Margaret Coker

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