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Top 7 Arab Beauty Influencers to Follow

These make-up gurus should be on every beauty lover’s must-follow list.

Without a doubt, what we are seeing and hearing on social media is influencing the way we shop, leading to the rise of superstar bloggers, Instagram-ers and YouTubers. These six influencers involved in the world of beauty all have Arabian backgrounds, but you don’t have to live in the region to appreciate their unique styles, input and dedication.

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Huda Kattan
With an astounding 18.5 million followers on Instagram, Huda Kattan, known as Huda Beauty on the social media portal, could well be the world’s most prominent beauty blogger. The award-winning beauty expert was raised in the United States, but now lives in Dubai. Glamorous and Hollywood-trained, Kattan presents countless beauty product reviews, shares great make-up tricks and makes it super easy for women to look their best, often in no time at all, with her oh so useful how-to videos. The 33-year-old mogul, who started blogging in 2010, has built a beauty empire that comprises a namesake make-up line, including the hit false lashes you see on Kim Kardashian West.

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Sondos Al-Qattan
Famous Kuwaiti make-up artist Sondos Al-Qattan is more than passionate about make-up. While she’s always been interested in make-up and beauty, Al-Qattan originally started by posting her favourite products and beauty looks on Instagram for fun. She turned it into a full-time job, earning 2.2 million followers on the social media app and is now considered as one of the region’s biggest beauty buffs. Her YouTube tutorials reveal a wealth of ideas, so if you want eyes that stand out from the crowd, you now know where to surf.

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Hanadi Diab
Beauty connoisseur Hanadi Diab is a Lebanese-born make-up artist. Living in Stuttgart, where she has a salon, Diab writes about beauty, fashion and lifestyle in her blog, Hanadi Beauty. Her YouTube channel, which has 94,908 followers, is a beauty mine with lessons in everything from Ladies Night looks to getting ready for New Year’s Eve. Her specialty is contouring and she can show you how to do it just like Kim Kardashian West.

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Saman Munir
Dynamo Saman Munir is inspiring Muslim women around the world to wear their hijabs confidently with her videos. Her message to her online followers (she has over half a million) is that veiled women can look beautiful. The 35-year-old online sensation started blogging after three years of searching for advice on different ways to wear a scarf and has been posting videos on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram since 2011. Whether it’s on her YouTube video channel, Instagram page or her website, Saman’s Makeup and Hijabs, it’s difficult not to miss her enthusiasm for make-up. If it’s wearing make-up at events like weddings and parties, how to best apply eyeliner, style summer make-up or bold lips, Munir covers it all. The mother-of-three who lives in Toronto, is mostly known for sharing tons of different ways to wear a hijab and considered as one of the women behind the modest wear revolution.

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Najla Kaddour
Dubai-based make-up artist Najla Kaddour has commanded the attention of superstars like Jennifer Lopez. She worked with the diva and E! News exclusively during a visit to Dubai. Plus, her thirst and proven track record have made her a favoured make-up artist for the region’s most prominent personalities and allowed her to work alongside international brands and renowned magazines. Make-up and beauty lovers relate to the 27-year-old’s posts in her blog, where she shares everything beauty-related from looks of the day and trend reports to wishlists and ways to use beauty products. As well as her insider make-up tips, her website features travel journals.

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Nilo Haq
Nilo Haq, make-up artist, brand ambassador, co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of Saudi Beauty Blog, is Saudi Arabia’s ultimate beauty reference. After graduating from Toronto, Haq felt an instant connection with the beauty world after taking some lessons. She went on to learn from the best, including Pat McGrath, and gathered global experiences and alliances with major brands. After moving to Jeddah, she started earning her reputation in the Middle East, writing and working for Alexandre Zouari Paris and Toni & Guy. Haq co-founded the nation's first official beauty blog, which is now one of the most recognised in Saudi Arabia, in 2011. She gives advice on how to deal with everything from breakouts to avoiding bridal make-up disasters, as well as reviews and must-haves. 

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Natasha Zaki
Beauty doyenne Natasha Zaki is a renowned make-up artist, influential beauty blogger and founder of the accessories brand with the same name, Glossy Make Up. The Dubai-based English-Egyptian has worked alongside celebrated make-up artist Pat McGrath and helped beauties like Jourdan Dunn and Cara Delevingne get camera-ready. On her YouTube channel, you’ll find all sorts of beauty treasures, from celebrity make-up tutorials, to how to put on false lashes. As well as ordering her popular products on the website, you can log in to get advice like how to clean your make-up brushes, read reviews and see the latest make-up related events.  

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