Travel 5: Your 2019 Bucket List

With post vacation blues in full swing this January, we’re already thinking about where to take our travel adventures this year. From the striking beaches of Zanzibar to the historical Scottish Highlands – we’ve rounded up 5 of the top holiday destinations for your next well-deserved break.


Argentina is a huge South American nation, which also encompasses the Andes Mountains, Pamas grassland, home to the grazing ground for Argentina’s renowned beef cattle, and glacial lakes and is also famous for its culture including tango dance and music.

Centered on Plaza De Mayo is the capital city of Buenos Aires, abuzz and stunning with its stately 19th century architecture, including Casa Rosada, the iconic presidential palace. Marrying together breathtaking natural beauty and a buzzing cosmopolitan city life, Argentina awaits you with the vibrant and entertaining streets of San Telmo, grill houses serving up the finest steak, the wild and wonderful landscapes of Patagonia and Areco’s gaucho culture…

The Scottish Highlands

Many epic films have been made using Scotland’s vast and wonderful landscapes as a backdrop and for good reason! Scotland is a fantastic retreat all year round with it’s lochs and glens, mountain ranges, beautiful beaches and actual medieval castles that are now fabulous hotels.

If the views and glorious untouched terrain isn’t enough, nature lovers may also be drawn to the wildlife there, including bottlenose dolphins, grey seals, minke whales and red squirrels. The Scottish Highlands are a welcoming and cosy break, especially in the winter where evenings by a fireplace are the most inviting, whilst hiking and snapping images atop mountains.


Images of Zanzibar seem almost unreal – until you go there and are basking in pure sunshine on just one of the island’s glorious sparkling beaches. The archipelago off the coast of East Africa is home to some of the most picturesque shores in the world as well as an abundance of vibrant culture and local cuisine.

Scattered with some stunning boutique beach hotels and luxury resorts, Zanzibar ensures that you wake up to a magnificent view of the Indian Ocean. If you can break yourself away from a beach or a street market, you might also want to dust off your binoculars to enjoy a safari.

Turkish Riviera

The Turkish Riviera isn’t a destination talked about much, but at the same time all of the reasons why you should visit. A magnificent vista of mountains, sea, pine forests, striking ancient ruins and Mediterranean architecture are all just a few elements that make up the Turkish Riviera, often referred to as the Turquoise Coast.

Family friendly, this holiday destination offers up luxurious hotels, mouthwatering local dishes and history to explore.

Hong Kong

City breaks are a great way to unwind and take in a new culture – especially if you get your kicks being in a buzzing metropolis. Hong Kong is much more than what it’s known for: business and finance and a stunning skyline made up of skyscrapers.

Amongst all of the new shiny buildings, there are ancient gems revealing its history as well as a thriving unconventional art and lifestyle scene; from incredible works of street art adorning the Sheung Wan district, Police Married Quarters, an old station that exhibits works by up and coming artists and designers to the Temple Street Night Market and Man Mo Temple, built during the Qing dynasty – you’ll feel energized and amazed by Hong Kong’s rich and intense culture.

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