World's First Flying Car Is Available for Sale and Set for Next Year Release

The PAL-V vehicle is the first flying car available to the United Kingdom and pre-orders are already being made ahead of its 2020 delivery date. The car, which converts into a helicopter, will help British workers sick of heavy traffic skip long queues on their commute to work by simply flying into the office.

The limited edition PAL-V Liberty Pioneer is going on sale for $570,845 and the standard edition, PAL-V Liberty Sport, for $342,507.

The red automobile, which runs on petrol, transforms from a three-wheeled car into a helicopter with a large top rotor blade and rear propeller. Drivers can alternate between 'driving mode' and 'helicopter mode' in just 10 minutes and can soar through the air at 180km/h. The car has the capacity for two people and weighs just 664 kilograms - half the weight of a Volkswagen Golf.

The PAL-V will be allowed to drive and fly in the UK as it will be certified under the European Aviation Safety Agency regulations, with only a pilot and driving license required.

Beau Janou Metz, from PAL-V, explains more about the futuristic car, "The training for a PAL-V will be almost identical to gyrocopter training. You need to get your PPL (private pilot license) type rated on gyrocopter. This includes theoretical and practical training.”

“The practical training takes between 30 and 40 hours before you can take the exam. For individuals with a license already, it would be shorter. The PAL-V will be certified under the EASA regulations, which makes it possible to use the vehicle in all member countries. The first deliveries will take place in 2020, reservations can already be made."

All images are via PAL-V/Solent News/REX/Shutterstock.

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