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This Artist Screws Up Walls with Stunning 3D Pieces

Andrew Myers draws on walls, before drilling thousands of drywall screws into it. After that he uses oil paint to add color to his.

He can do anything from shirts and boots, to fruits and light bulbs; he even managed to create a guitar with all its intricate details.

Sometimes his pieces of art take 6000 screws and up to four months to be completed.

Myers first began designing and producing the screw art in 2008 at his studio in Laguna Beach, California.

However it wasn’t what he started his art journey with as he explains, "I had previously made a living off of figurative, narrative sculpture and drawings but always experimented with new materials and techniques.”

“That was my original intention, but soon I realized that I would have to paint the screws to really get the point across.”

Images are via Andrew Myers Art/Solent News/REX/Shutterstock.

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