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Meet Nada Kadasa: Saudi Architect, Art Teacher, and Animal Foster Parent

She created the largest architectural project in Prince Sultan University at the time, fostered over 40 animals, and taught art to beginners online, this Saudi woman does it all.

Kadasa gets her work ethic from her family, as she was raised in a home that celebrates knowledge and education. Her father is the founder of an acclaimed property firm in the KSA, which represents huge brand like Versace and Apple, and her mother is a social activist and member of many charities around the country.

The Saudi national majored in Interior Architecture although her family wanted her to study Law, she told Arab News. She also had troubles with her professors as she was always questioning everything, and some even considered her behavior a “disrespectful”. However, at the end of the course when Kadasa would submit her project, her innate talent would show.

Image via Arab News

Her final project was the largest in square meters in PSU’s history in 2013, and if she were to implement it, it would become largest dome in the world, and be the second largest indoor theme park in the world.

Apart from her career, the architect also dabbles in art, charity, and all things animal. From teaching beginners art online to being a member of a charity, which helps orphaned or unknown parented children, called Kayan.

She helps in everyway she can, and especially in the animal community. Kadasa has fostered throughout her lifetime a whopping number of 40 rabbits, birds, cats, and dogs. And in the present time, she has adopted 3 dogs, 8 cats, all rescued, and 4 parrots.

Nada Kadasa is currently heading and managing her father’s real estate company, which was one of the first few companies to be licensed by the Ministry of Housing.

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