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Step-By-Step Guide by Nicolas Degennes for the Best Holiday Make-up Look

The famous beauty maestro’s powerful yet feminine beauty look will make you the centre of attention for all the right reasons.

You’ve dusted off a sparkly dress and chosen some on-fleek accessories and standout jewellery. However, a holiday look isn’t just about getting dressed up to the nines, really mastering it includes that glam beauty game that screams “Tis the season!” too.

If you want to grab more attention than usual this year, we can’t think of anyone better to turn to than world-renowned make-up marvel Nicolas Degennes. For over a decade, he’s been the Make-up and Colour Artistic Director of Givenchy Beauty, working with celebrities like Monica Bellucci, Kristin Scott Thomas and Liv Taylor. He’s also the mastermind behind some of the beauty world’s prettiest and most iconic and desired products.

 When it comes to his signature look, he says: “Iconic comes from icon, and icons used to be drawn. In this look, it is the lines that bring definition, the lines that allow both eyes and lips to be made up without being too much. It is a powerful and very feminine look.”

Here is a step-by-step guide to get the festive look of dreams.

The Complexion

Before you go ahead, make sure your skin is free of any make-up and use face and eye cream to moisturise and prepare the skin. Then start by applying Prisme Primer or Acti’mine to the centre of the face, blending the texture outwards with upward movements. Continue by unifying the complexion by dabbing on Teint Couture Fluid to the centre of the face as well, and blend like before, making sure you merge well at the hairline, neckline and ears. Then, correct the complexion by applying the beige shade to the dark circles, the outside corners of the eyes and lips, the side of the nose and the nasolabial folds, as well as any other imperfections. After that’s done, set the complexion by delicately shaking the case with the puff inside to coat it with powder. Then, press the 4G on the cheeks and blend delicately over the whole face with upward, gentle tapping movements. Finally, you need to colour the complexion using a blush brush; just mix the two shades together and apply to the cheeks. 

The Eyebrows

For perfectly shaped eyebrows, reach out for that Eyebrow Couture Definer. While using it, you should start at the inner corner and continue gradually towards the outer corner. And the only other product you need is Eyebrow Pencil to add precision and brush the brows.

The Eye Lids and Lashes

First, structure the eyes with the fingertip by applying Ombre Couture as a base to the mobile eyelid, up to the crease. Next, add the light beige shade of Prisme Quatour on top of it. Then, define the eyes with Liner Vinyl, starting the line from the middle of the lash line, gradually making it thicker. Draw an upward wing at the outer corners of the eyes and then go back to the centre of the eyes and connect the wing, ensuring you fill in any gaps you spot. Top off your eye make-up by applying mascara to the top lashes.

The Lips

Start by blurring the lips with Mister light, applying it all over the lip contour. Then, shape the lips by spreading on Lip Liner N°6 to the lip contour. You should start with the cupid’s bow then follow the contour to the lip corners, repeating with the lower lip. Lastly, swipe on Le Rouge N°306, ensuring you start at the centre and work outwards.

Quick tip
Don’t think twice before tweaking the blush intensity at the very end of the make-up application if you feel the need to.

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