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This Saudi Man Has Spent the Last 30 Years Visiting Hospital Patients Every Single Day

Hawtat Sudair Hospital

It isn’t uncommon for a person to experience stress caused by hospitalization, making recovery harder for many. That is why visits from friends and family, and in a few cases having care animals visit wards, are a frequent occurrence in hospitals across the globe. In Saudi Arabia, one man has spent three decades of his life making sure that patients at a local hospital are visited and kept company on a daily basis. Ali Ibrahim Al Moussa, a farmer who is now an old man, spends each day visiting ailing patients at a city hospital and has not missed a single morning visit in 30 years.

According to Khaleej Times, Al Moussa is a familiar face at the Hawtat Sudair Hospital in Al Majmaah, where every morning he can be found talking to patients and also praying for their fast recovery. In recognition of his kindness and dedication, the hospital has gifted Moussa with a medal and a number of gifts over the years.

"The hospital's management cooperates with my father seeing that he loves to visit the sick. My father has nothing to do with medicine, he is a simple farmer planting palm trees all his life," explained Al Moussa's son who drops him off at the hospital as he is now too old to drive. "He has a strong desire to visit the sick people and he is very popular among them as he brings them joy every day.”

Al Moussa’s son also added that as part of his father’s visits has been working on giving patients a sense of hope that he believes allows them to heal faster, saying, "He tells them stories of how God healed many from other diseases."

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