ALMALL Launches New Campaign Entitled "My Gift For Whom"

ALMALL, the go-to Saudi e-shopping site that connects shoppers with the best brands and options across the region, launched a new campaign on Thursday the 6th of December through its app entitled “My Gift For Whom.” The campaign, which was announced on all of Sayidaty Group’s websites and social media platforms, allows visitors and subscribers to choose a gift from the app and post it on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram along with the name of the person they have picked the gift for. ALMALL then chooses winners at random, who will receive the gift that has been chosen for them.

How To Participate:
In order to join in the “My Gift For Whom” campaign, all you need to do is: download the ALMALL app; select your preferred gift; take a photo of it; post the photo on your personal social media account (Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram) along with the name of the person you’d like to send the gift to; tag or mention @ALLMALL and include the hashtag #صورها_واربحها (#take its photo_ and win it); and wait to see if you are chosen as one of the campaign’s lucky winners.

ALMALL regularly launches campaigns that are designed to bring a world of benefits to its users. Although just only launched, this latest campaign has already garnered over 1,000 participants (tracked using the campaign hashtag #صورها_واربحها). Prior to “My Gift For Whom,” ALMALL launched the "Orange Friday is the New Black Friday" campaign, which offered customers discounts of more than 70 percent. This campaign was also an instant success and garnered widespread participation from people across the Gulf region, due to its fun and fresh approach, as well as the opportunities it has provided for many to save big. To date, the two campaigns combined have attracted over 765, 640 followers on Facebook, and more than 10,000 people have interacted with the campaigns. On Twitter, more than 3,000 users participated in both campaigns and more than 11,808 participants on Instagram.

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