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Zero Emission, Zero Waste, Zero Poverty: Amazing Eco-Resort To Be Built in the Philippines

Rotating apartment towers, shell-shaped hotels, and a stunning spiral layout following the Fibonacci sequence, meet the Nautilus Eco-Resort that is going to be built from recycled materials from the islands and can accommodate over 500 guests at a time.




Visitors will be enjoying never-ending sunshine throughout the whole day as the towers revolve to follow the course of the sunrays. Furthermore, some of the rooms, if unused, will even disappear underground.




The mastermind responsible for this project is Vincent Callebaut, who is based in Paris. His main objective from this superb space is preserving the coastal area's environment.



He said he was inspired by fears that the islands in the Western Pacific are under threat from pollution, mass tourism, over-fishing and climate change.



Callebaut’s Nautilus Eco-Resort steps up the hotel game by being a "zero-emission, zero-waste, zero-poverty" project.


Another cool aspect of the project is that guests are also involved in the environment friendly rhetoric by actively participating in it. They can only reach the premises by sailing there or using electric boats.



Also, visitors will be learning about sustainable environments, and will be participating with scientists, engineers and ecologists to guarantee that the experience incites nature protection. They will even be asked to help out with collecting garbage!




Callebaut further endorses the eco-friendly discourse, “Our new project, the Nautilus Eco-Resort, is a pioneering, eco-tourism complex. This collaborative concept offers responsible eco-tourism based on education and interpretation in a natural environment, where the resources and well-being of local populations are to be preserved and gradually restored.”

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