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Underwater Catwalk: Check Out These Beautiful Aquatic Fashion Models

These gorgeous underwater creatures may look like fashion models, moving seamlessly with their tails floatng around them, however when put in the same tank, they turn into highly territorial fish that fight to death. Pretty intense, right?


These fish are male Siamese fighting fish and have tails up to two inches long, nearly doubling their size. Their diet basically consists of insects and larvae, and their habitat is shallow rice paddies and ponds across Asia.


Andi Halil, the pet owner and photographer, keeps them in separate tanks at his home in Karawang, Indonesia, to prevent them from fighting.

“The tail of the red and blue fish looks a bit like a bridal gown - in fact it is known as the rose-tailed betta fish,” explains Halil.


The black background in the photos was Halil’s idea of creating a fashion photo shoot for the fighting fashion models, "They are always showing off like models on the catwalk."


Anyone else google-ing “where to buy fashion model fish”? Because we are.

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