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Would You Let Down Your Hair and Live in This Fairytale House?

Ever wanted to live your childhood dreams and let down your locks as your prince charming calls upon your name? Well now you can Rapunzel, just pull out £1.5m.

And if you can't do that, enjoy these astounding pictures that tell a thousand fairytale words:


This striking property was previously a water tower built in 1890 to supply water to the private Benington estate. But was later deserted in the 1950s, and wasn’t turned into this piece of art until the 1970s.



The dream-like house is 60 feet high and has gorgeous 360-degree views over its own lands and past the adjacent grounds.



The five-floor Victorian property even has a castellated roof terrace, perfect for enjoying the sylvan setting in the picturesque village of Benington, Herts.



The restoration job was immaculate and some of its best features lie in the preservation of the historic details such as exposed beams and original porthole windows. The magnificent Gothic front door will be the first thing to welcome you as it opens up to the reception hall.



The fairytale escape has four bedrooms and three bathrooms.



It also boasts of a kitchen, dining room, and a wine room.




There's also a home office/studio in the garden and two garages.



The house is flanked by dense woodland and majestic trees that make the premises a completely private and serene space.


All images are via Savills/Bournemouth News

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