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Show-Stopping Jewels To Fall For

Chaumet La Nature de Chaumet Passion incarnat transformable tiara with pear-shaped red spinels, marquise-cut rhodolite garnets, green tourmalines and brilliant-cut diamonds

These astounding works of art shine a spotlight on the magical kingdom of high jewellery.

Clustering together an incredible mix of eye-wateringly rare diamonds and vibrant precious stones, we can’t help but be awestruck by high jewellery. With their steadfast dedication to quality, the guardians of timeless craftsmanship spare no pains to create their valuable and unique pieces. Can you believe it took a year’s work for the artisans at Chopard to turn the 342-carat “Queen of Kalahari” rough diamond into a whole high jewellery collection they called “The “Garden of Kalahari?” Whether worn as part of a set or as an individual stunner, each piece has a story brimming with brilliance.

Chaumet Insolence earrings with pink and white gold and brilliant-cut diamonds
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AKILLIS Python three row brilliant cut diamond bracelet
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Chaumet La Nature de Chaumet Promesse de l'aube_ ring with a cushion-cut indicolite tourmaline, mandarin garnet, pink sapphires and brilliant cut diamonds
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Mouawad set with sapphires and diamonds
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CINDY CHAO The Art Jewel Branches earrings with Asscher cut diamonds
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Mouawad pear-shaped diamonds set
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AKILLIS Cruella ring with white gold, rubellite and brilliant cut diamonds
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Chopard The Garden of Kalahari moon shaped diamond earrings with detachable heart and pear shaped diamonds
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Chopard The Garden of Kalahari secret watch with brilliant cut and pear shaped diamonds
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Chopard The Garden of Kalahari ring with spectacular cushion cut diamond
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Chopard The Garden of Kalahari diamond necklace with an exqusite detachable flower and brilliant-cut, heart shaped and pear-shaped pendants
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Mouawad intiricate set with emeralds and diamonds
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