Some of the Most Surreal Shots from the Weather Photography 2018 Contest

An ice hole on Diamond beach, Iceland by Yevhen Samuchenko

With all the crazy storms hitting up the Gulf region this past month, you’d think you had your fair share of wild weather in 2018. Well, we’ve stumbled upon more. Are you up for it?

From crisp lightning streaks reaching for highways and dewy rainbows towering over villages to fluffy snow covering seashells and perforated icicle plates, and everything else the Weather Photography 2018 Competition had to offer this year.

The competition was organized by The Royal Meteorological Society in collaboration with AccuWeather, and featured around 4000 photographs by insanely talented photographers hailing from all over the world. Here are some of the most astounding and surreal photographs of them:

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Winning picture by Stephen Cheatley shows a lightning storm in Blackpool, Lancashire
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Fog over Da Lat city in Vietnam by Hoang Viet Nguyen
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A tornado tearing through the cornfields in Iowa in America and a lightning strike by Martin Lisius
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'Frost on the Beach' by Ali Lansley - Hoar frost forms on shells and leaves on the shore of Southampton Water, Hythe in Hampshire
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Polar stratospheric clouds over the Lofoten Islands in northern Norway by Bartlomiej Jurecki
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Storm Eleanor at Newhaven Harbour in East Sussex taken by Bill Brooks
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Double rainbow over Barcelona by Carlos Castillejo
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A rainbow in Moskenesoy, Lofoten Islands, Norway by Carlos Castillejo
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An optical phenomenon formed by the reflection of light by ice crystals in the atmosphere taken during the Giraglia Rolex Cup by Georgy Akimov
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'The Bolivian Salt Desert' by Guy Nesher - Rain turns the white salt into an edgeless mirror
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A lightning storm in the mid-west of America by Jason Hudson
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A rainbow in Torridon, Scotland by Jason Hudson
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Aonoch Mor in Scotland on a stormy day by Jason Hudson
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A stormy cloud formation in South Kansas, which reminded the photographer of the mammoth character in the movie Ice Age, and was taken by Kathryn Parent came top in the public vote
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'Lucky Strike' by Kevin Juberg - A bolt of lighting after a round of thunderstorms moved through the Grand Canyon in the USA
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Sunrise in California's Yosemite National Park, taken by Kevin Juberg
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A storm arriving in the U.S. state of South Dakota taken by Marko Korosec
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Third prize in the 17 and over category went to Neil Barr for his photo, Getting the Messages, showing a blizzard bringing traffic to a standstill in the Scottish town of Greenock
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Nikolay Schegolev came second in the 17 and over category for his photo, Two times one train station, showing a foggy station
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First place in the 17 and over category went to Dan Matthewman for his snowy picture, Descending the Arete du Midi, France in Fog at Sunrise
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A foggy morning in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, India by Rajesh Dhar
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A storm in Blackpool, Lancashire by Stephen Cheatley
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A rainbow in the Grand Canyon, USA, by Tina White
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Mammatus clouds swirl above windmill turbines in Weatherford, Oklahoma, USA by Tina White
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A dust storm just south of Phoenix, Arizona, USA, by Tina White
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A shelf cloud near the New Mexico, Texas border by Tina White

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