This Saudi Women Is Creating Fun Art Pieces from Recycled Coffee Cups

As Saudi Arabia continues to implement several recycling initiatives and programs across the country, the Kingdom’s citizens are also doing their part to reduce waste production. From community-led efforts to clean up neighborhoods, to individual attempts at reusing waste, there has been no shortage of efforts to reduce waste disposal in Saudi Arabia. In the spirit on the Kingdom’s efforts, one young woman from the city of Al Khobar has started using used coffee cups to create unique works of art.

According to Al Arabiya English, artist Hana’a Al-Salmi is collecting cups that several cafes serve her coffee every morning in and creating abstract paintings on them. She also collects cups from friends and family, using them in her art, which she displays at her home for visitors to enjoy. By drawing on used paper cups, Al-Salmi says she is trying to create awareness on how much waste is being produced each day, and how much we negatively impact the environment every time something as insignificant as a quick morning beverage is bought. 

Speaking to the news site, Al-Salmi explained that she has always loved drawing and painting since she was a little girl. The young artist has frequently worked on creating art using recyclable material as she sees it as a cost-effective canvas, saying, “When I was studying abstract art, I began to provide courses for girls on recycling paper and household waste, since they are environmentally friendly, and produces an economic return.”

She also explained that her interest in drawing on coffee cups has been ongoing, saying, “Each time, I try to create a more attractive painting using the cups compared to the previous one. I want to show those around me how to use recyclable household waste aesthetically, economically and educationally.”

With the launch of Vision 2030, a national strategy to diversify the Kingdom’s economy and reduce its dependency on oil, Saudi Arabia established a recycling sector company via the Public Investment Fund (PIF). Through this project, the Kingdom is attempting to promote the physical, psychological, and social well-being of its citizens, ensuring that everyone enjoys “a good quality of life, a healthy lifestyle, and an attractive living environment,” as its website states.

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