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Rowaida Hakim Stages One-Day Exhibit for Art Aficionados in Dubai

Her rich abstract paintings laden with 24-carat gold leaf are brimming with joy, positivity and love.

"Dubai Nights" by Rowaida Hakim

Rowaida Hakim recently staged her first art exhibition in the UAE, and the exclusive viewing of the Lebanese artist’s oeuvre allowed visitors to get lost in a world where dreams intertwine with the beauty of the natural world around us.

For the one-day event, which took place at Sotheby’s Dubai gallery in the Dubai International Financial Center, the Dubai-based artist chose some standout paintings that feature her signature use of 24-carat gold leaf. Self-taught Hakim also cherry-picked pieces that demonstrate how her artwork is punctuated by bold abstract forms and a plethora of expressive and gestural brushstrokes.

"Dancing Colors" by Rowaida Hakim

Around 10 recent works were on display, including “Dancing Colors” (2018), a large canvas painted with splashes of vibrant colours and large splotches of glittering 24-carat gold. “Cities” (2014), a small work made of geometric squares that portray the modern metropolis in abstract form, with a range of blues, pinks, purples, yellows and greens framed by gold leaf, was another striking piece visitors got to admire. “Romance” (2018), a large canvas with candy pink and a wide belt of gold running across the centre, also made its mark. The painting is similar to those by Post-War American artists such as Barnett Newman.

"Romance" by Rowaida Hakim

Hakim is influenced by the natural world, Dubai’s beautiful skyline and the emotions of happiness and positivity. “It’s not necessary to have everything in life; being satisfied with what we have is the principle aspect of one’s happiness and these are the emotions that I paint,” she says. “When I paint, my feelings control my brush.”

As the owner of Rowaida Interiors, one of the emirate’s high-end design companies specialised in luxury interiors, Hakim has been selling her paintings directly to her interior design clients for years. However, the exhibition was a way for the artist, who also owns several real estate companies, to share with the world “the happiness, positivity and love” she paints in her works.

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