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100 Saudi Women Participate in “Sports for Life," an Initiative Supporting Cancer Patients

This year, Saudi Arabia has been working towards increasing awareness around cancer, its risks, early detection, and treatment options. In late September, the country’s Zahra Breast Cancer Association signed an agreement with Houston Methodist Hospital in the United States to raise awareness on the disease and train Saudi doctors and specialists at the hospital. Then, in October, Yasser Al-Humaid began a walk from Mecca to Medina while carrying the slogan “Walk With Her” in order to create more awareness around the necessity of early examination for breast cancer. This month, efforts have continued as 100 Saudi Arabian women participated in an initiative created to provide support for cancer patients.

Led by Tracy Aldreian, an American sports instructor who became Saudi by marriage, the social initiative – under the slogan “Sports for Life” – was created to help spread awareness about cancer and the different ways to combat it, as reported by Al Arabiya English. Aldreian explained to the news site that she has wanted for a long time to create a way to support women patients with breast cancer, as well as those who are recovering or recovered from the illness. The “Sports for Life” event was designed by her to help young women understand the importance in sports in improving health, as well as in combating and managing illnesses.

“We are here at Sports for Life event, which is being held as part of the Community Sports Initiative, the concept of playing sports for life is translated through these Saudi young women who have opted to participate to improve their physical fitness, as well as networking and volunteering,” she explained.

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