This Japanese Princess Gives Up Royal Title for Love

“How happy I am!”

Love concurs all, or so they say, and that certainly is true in the case of Japanese Princess Ayako who just married a “commoner,” a decision that has left her without a royal title and without her royal lifestyle.

Today marks the first day that Princess Ayako of Japan is no longer princess! It was just a few months ago that her cousin, Princess Mako, announced to the press that she was halting her own wedding plans with her fiancé who is also considered a “commoner.” But now, Princess Ayako took the world by surprise and did the same bold move of marrying out of the royal family – and entirely for love.

On Monday, the 28-year old Ayako married a Kei Moriya who at 32 years old is four years her senior. The groom’s profession is that of a shipping executive. The two lovebirds tied the knot in a traditional ceremony at Tokyo’s historic Meiji Shrine in front of a small group of about 30 family members.

Ayako wore a traditional court kimono and hakama skirt and had her hair styled in the “osuberakashi” ancient style for noblewomen. The new bride spoke to the press after the wedding ceremony and expressed her happiness. According to The Mainichi newspaper, Ayako said:


“How happy I am that so many people have celebrated (our marriage). We want to make efforts to become a couple like my mother and father.” Ayako’s late father is Prince Takamado (a cousin of present Emperor Akihito) who died in 2002. His newlywed daughter said that her father “would have rejoiced at my marriage.” The bride went on to explain that the top hat her new husband Moriya was holding had belonged to her father.

In a statement to the press, Moriya, the groom, said, “I want to support her firmly and hold hands to look forward and build a family full of smiles.”

The Japanese royal family now counts 17 members, 11 of them women, and because these numbers are dwindling, Ayako will still have to do “royal work,” for example make official appearances and take on charitable patronages, as her mother Princess Hisako announced ahead of the wedding.

The idea of doing all of the work of a princess, but without the title and the lifestyle might not appeal to everyone but Ayako is certainly very happy with her decision of giving up her royal title – for love.

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