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Where to Get the Best Breakfast in KSA

We round up of some of the best restaurants to kick-start your morning in Saudi Arabia.

Wadek, Riyadh
If you’re looking for a traditional Arabic breakfast, this is the restaurant for you. You can enjoy hummus (among other regional staples) and their famous A’adan tea as you soak in the culture.

Kalila, Jeddah
If you’re having trouble deciding between an Arabic breakfast or a Western one, go to Kalila. Their fatet hummus is particularly delicious on the Arabic side, but you can also get pancakes smothered in chocolate to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Apetit Kitchen & Co, Riyadh
Apetit is known for having the best eggs benedict, with delicious salmon. Their blueberry pancakes and fresh watermelon juice will make sure that the start of your day is as sweet as possible.

Al Ayoubi, Jeddah
Foul Mudammas is a classic Arabic breakfast. But Al Ayoubi made it better by making it spicy. That wasn’t enough, so they added cheese to the mix. Make sure to try the Sidi Hamza Foul when you visit. You’ll get a taste of culture with a twist.

Shobak, Jeddah
This restaurant is known for its wraps. Come with a huge appetite and enjoy baked halloumi, Arabic dips and every wrap you can think of, from spinach to cheese and egg. Finish it off with a sweet wrap or some delicious knefeh.

Acoustic Tea Lounge, Riyadh
Get ready for a wait, everyone comes to this tea lounge because it is amazing. The Greek omelette and Russian honey cake are two highlights from their menu. For adventurous foodies, the rose latte puts a great twist on an old favourite.

Bafarat, Jeddah
Coffee-lovers, rejoice! Bafarat is a house of coffee and spices, and you can get your morning fix with extra flair. For breakfast, knafeh regularly makes an appearance on Arabic menus. But they add dates to make it even more delicious.

Café Bateel, Riyadh
This café has yummy eggs, from Parmesan omelettes to breakfast and brunch mainstay eggs benedict. You’ll find classic breakfast foods and delicious coffee, their caramel coffee is particularly popular.

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