Makeup Essentials and Packing Tips for Your Next Getaway

The universal rule for winter makeup is to avoid using light and bright colours. For example, we suggest steering clear of bright and strong lip colours and going for something in brown, nude or light pink. Here are some products to consider while packing the basics, like a foundation, powder, blush, mascara, and an always useful nude shaded lipstick.

Talia Contour Blush Duo, NARS

Hand luggage packing tip
Don't forget you are only allowed 100ml bottles of liquids in your hand luggage, aerosols and gels must be enclosed in clear, plastic, zip-top bags on board. So, unless you are packing your beauty products in your checked baggage, you need to buy travel-sized beauty products or fill fluids into 100ml refillable plastic containers. Keep in mind, if you don't need full-sized products, it is recommended to pack all your beauty products in your carry-on as it will be easier for you to control your items and prevent leakage.

Rouge Allure Lipstick, Chanel

Packing nail polish and perfume
Some beauty products, such as perfume and nail polish, are only available in glass containers, so here are a few tips on how to safely pack them in your luggage to avoid breakage and leaks.
• Don't try pouring perfume into a plastic bottle. Instead, head out to a department store, where you can ask for some sample sizes of your favourite scent.
• Take just one bottle of nail polish with you, preferably in the same shade you wear for travelling and carry it in your hand luggage instead of packing it in your suitcase. Just like your lipstick, give up light and bold colours and settle for one that suits all your clothing.

Eccentrico Mascara, Giorgio Armani Beauty

How to safeguard products that contain oil
A plastic-lined toiletry bag with zipper compartments and dividers is best for trips and it will come in handy if anything breaks or leaks.

Studio Fix Perfecting Powder, M.A.C

Arranging smaller sized items
You should aim to keep similar items, like skin, hair and oral care products and make-up, together when packing. It will be easier for you to arrange them by category and separate them from each other. That's why you will need a bag with many compartments, just to make sure to keep dry items like powders and make-up separate from liquids.

Lock-It Foundation, Kat Von D

Alternate Some Basics

Electronic Toothbrush:

Give your everyday toothbrush its own vacation and pack a compact, electronic one instead

DiorShow Pro Liner Eyeliner, Dior

Dry Shampoo:
If we’re honest, we don’t really have the time to think about washing our hair regularly on vacation.

Tube Tint Lip Colour, Bobbi Brown

Nail Polish Wipes:
Even if you secure the cap on your nail polish remover very tightly, there’s always some messy spillage. This can be avoided with wipes, which get the job done.

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