Saudi Entrepreneur Ruthana Hadhrawi Turns Your Tables into Art

Have you ever attended a wedding or another lavish event where everything looked perfect? Where there was a clear theme and everything looked just right? You probably felt that way because somebody put a lot of thought into the details of the design ­– and one huge way to make a lasting impression like that is to dress up your tables with some seriously decked out and stylish designs.

Enter Ruthana Hadhrawi, a Saudi entrepreneur who is also the founder and director of “Tana’s Touch Tablescapes and Design,” a new innovation that operates under the motto of “Creating Memories Rather Than Settings.”

Just like the words “landscape” and “cityscape,” the expression “tablescape” also refers to an overall visual appearance of something, in this case that of the centerpiece of every room, the table.

“Tana’s Touch Tablescapes and Design” is, by its own admission, a “luxurious tabletop rentals and design company” that helps you pick out the perfect pieces to dress up your tables for anything from dinner events with family or friends, to more formal dinners, business meetings, or even casual gatherings.

Ruthana Hadhrawi recently told Arab News that she has always believed that “some of the great businesses are born from genuine passions,“ and that she herself has an “inherent passion for warm, hospitable and welcoming table styling.”

This, in addition to her masters in business administration and also being awarded the distinction of the “Top Team Leader in the Class of 2015” by Alfaisal University’s College of Business make for an ideal combination between her passions for both commerce and creativity. 

Hadhrawi also acknowledged how her cultural background fits in with the concept of “Tana’s Touch Tablescapes and Design.” She is quoted having said that, “It is known that the most outstanding feature of Arab society is the generosity and hospitality. We take hospitality very seriously, using every opportunity to honor our guests to the best of our abilities.”

Hadhrawi is an innovator who has created a business model that looks to the future but with a nod to the past. Even though modern times call for modern thinking, she said that it was “time to come up with a new way of practicing hospitality, one that honors and accommodates guests’ preferences while controlling portion sizes, hence reducing food waste. Therefore, to combine modernity and tradition, Tana’s Touch was created, where quality comes before quantity,” she said in the interview with Arab News. She explained that it’s about “creating memories rather than settings, making the dining experience exceptional and extraordinary each time.”

From modern to romantic, from playful to elegant… let Ruthana Hadhrawi tackle the details of your perfect design vision and in the mean time, if you want some inspiration, the website is coming soon but you can also indulge on the wonderful design suggestions that can be found on the official Instagram page:


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