#LovinSaudi on Instagram

The beauty of Saudi Arabia seen through its people and visitors.

The hashtag #lovinsaudi has collected many stunning images all in one place on Instagram. They were taken and posted by locals and visitors alike. Below are some of the highlights from this amazing bunch of photographs that show all kinds of amazing things about Saudi Arabia: Everything from its breathtaking natural beauty, with its vast deserts, vast seas and clear skies, to historical structures like castles, to cutting edge technology and architecture.

There’s something here for everybody and if you happen to have a few cool pictures of your own that are just gathering proverbial dust in your phone’s memory, how about putting them out there for the whole world to see by sharing them on Instagram with the hashtag #lovinsaudi:

Proud to be Saudi, by @al_hothaly

The Milky Way above Al-Ula by @alula_saudi_arabia


There’s no place like home, by @alzowayeed 


This sunset view is by @popo_rayo


This view from Al-Shafa is by @nhoyjorge


This series of pictures from Za'abal Castle in Sakakah was taken by @sapracorg


A stunning sunrise view of Al Ula by @alula_saudi_arabia


These different angles of the Makkah Royal Clock Tower taken by Ammar Al Amir, @M7amd_Ghazi, and Ahmed Hader


Al-Ula at night, by @nicepic09o


The 'Asir Region, by @thekbartolo


Al Bahah's Emir Hossam Bin Saud lays the foundation stone of the resort that costs SAR 12 million to develop and an area of ca. 29,000 square meters, by @TheArabHash


This picture of a mountain road trip is by Awad Asiri / @alk_1997


Last days of summer, by @m9.t 


Were sky becomes land and day turns into night, by @zeyadtariq87


Nature strikes! This epic photo of the day is by @fatahilah_almourii


World record! The Jeddah Flagpole in King Abdullah Square, Jeddah is the world’s tallest flagpole and it stands at 171 meters high. Picture by @im03th 


Riyadh looking sharp, by @x.spyder.x


The perfect sunset, by @nhoyjorge

Isn’t this great? Subscribe to the hashtag #lovinsaudi and you’ll get to see everything that these ambitious photographers (who use everything from a pro camera to a phone) put out there for everyone to see.

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