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Then and Now: Can You Recognize These Celebs Before They Were Famous?

Many of today’s Hollywood stars had a pretty normal childhood and they also took on average jobs before they became rich and famous. But while we know their faces from the screens and billboards and after they had their big breaks, it’s still quite entertaining to see what they looked like when they were younger and had no inkling that one day millions of people would come to see their movies, watch their TV shows, or buy their records. They’ve come a long way and all of them look different today, some more so than others, so can you guess who these kids and teenagers grew up to be?

They’ve all come a really long, haven’t they? It’s amazing to imagine how much their lives have changed since then. But we’ve all come a long way and will continue to enjoy the movies, shows, and records these talented artists put other there for all the world to see.

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Amy Adams 1992 - Today

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Angelina Jolie 1991 - Today

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Ben Affleck 1987 - Today

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Beyonce 1996 - Today

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Blake Lively 2003 - Today

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Brad Pitt

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Bruce Willis

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Cameron Diaz

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Courteney Cox 1982 - Today

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Emma Stone 2003 - Today

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Gwyneth Paltrow 1990 - Today

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Hilary Swank 1990 - Today

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Jennifer Aniston 1987 - Today

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Jennifer Garner

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Jennifer Lawrence

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Jennifer Lopez

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Johnny Depp 1987 - Today

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