What Do Kids Eat? A Photographer Travels the Globe to Find Out

Breakfast is just breakfast, right? Not really! Everywhere around the world, kids are eating very different things not only breakfast but also for lunch, dinner and everything in between.

For a project he calls “Daily Bread,” photographer Gregg Segal showcases how our diets vary around the globe.

He set out on a journey around the world to document exactly what the next generation is consuming. He asked each kid to write down every item they ate over the course of one week and then he staged a final photograph with the kids who were then surrounded by these respective food items.

Some of these kids were staged amongst food that was all natural, no plastic packaging in sight, and for others, processed food made up the bulk of their weekly intake. Most had a mix of both:

This is Asma and Fatima, two Moroccan–Emirati sisters living in Dubai:

This is Sira from Dakar in Senegal:

This is Ademilson. He traveled from a village of 200 families in the state of Goias to Brasilia for this photo shoot:

This is Soulay from Nice in France:


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This is Yusuf from Dubai:

These two award-wining pictures are of Meissa from Senegal and Anchal from Mumbai, respectively:

This is Kawakanih, one of the very few remaining native speakers of the Arawaki language (Brasil):

This is Davi and he lives in a favela in Brasilia:

And this is the photographer’s own son, Hank:

On his website, Gregg Segal explains that his decision to focus on photographing kids' diets rose out of the belief that eating habits that are formed in childhood will last a lifetime.

"I've been encouraged to find regions and communities where slow food will never be displaced by junk food, where home cooked meals are the bedrock of family and culture, where love and pride are sensed in the aromas of broths, stews and curries," he explains on his site.

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