Glowing and Charismatic People Are Said To Have These 10 Traits

It’s hard not to notice the people who seem to just naturally shine.

We’ve all met someone at a party or a business function who seems to “light up a room.” People are drawn to them like moths to a flame. Maybe it’s the way they carry themselves, or the way they seem so engaged in the moment. They look happy, healthy and content, plus their skin, eyes and hair look fresh and vitalised, making us feel they have some kind of hidden secret.

Unfortunately, most people are unable to see the amazing aspects of their looks and personalities, and they need others to tell them they emit a radiant aura. So many women glow in the eyes of others, but they are not aware of it.

According to a Brazilian study for the Brazilian Association of Family Therapy in Sao Paulo, if you are oblivious to your good qualities, others will be less attracted to you. The study also confirmed external looks should not be an obstacle to a character that shines.

Certainly, changes such as gaining weight, can affect a woman’s self-confidence, but that does not mean this overshadows the beautiful facets of her personality. Plus the research highlighted the signs to look out for in order to bring out the spark in you for all to see.

So what exactly makes you a glowing woman? There are many signs, such as good health and happiness that make a woman stand out. Yet how do you bring out the best in yourself for all to see? First, you need to be aware of your positive attributes.

1- Being honest
You may think it is normal to be truthful, but not everyone is. It helps to be aware your frankness is what makes people love you and this quality makes you shine.

2- Having self-confidence
People are attracted to your self-confidence when you talk to them. Knowing how to converse with others assuredly makes them listen to what you are saying, especially when you discuss subjects that matter and don’t contradict yourself.

3- Caring about what others say
People like to be listened to, so if you pay attention when they talk and don’t try to dominate the conversation, you are more likely to have an engaging personality. Without even knowing it, you have gained some extra brownie points.

4- Having patience
Some women are more patient than men, while others are stressed and nervous without showing any tolerance towards others. If you are enduring, people will treat you with respect, but you need to be aware that patience is a virtue that contributes to your glowing personality.

5- Showing a positive attitude
The vast majority of people like to hear encouraging things, so, if you always show a positive attitude, you will seem like a beacon of light in the eyes of others. If you make others feel at ease and show support when they have problems, they will feel relaxed in your company.

6- Feeling sympathy for others
The study also showed sympathy towards the hardships of others is a positive trait, so if you feel compassion you are considered to have a blooming persona. In our society we tend to put our needs first, so if you put the desires of others ahead of yours it’s a positive move.

7- Not judging others
People do not like being judged on their appearance, behaviour, lifestyle or personality. So if you are able to remain fair in your attitude towards others, a radiant persona becomes palpable.

8- Don’t have a need to try to attract attention
Some women try to draw attention unnecessarily through their actions, behaviour or words. If you are able to avoid attracting futile awareness, then for others you are a glowing person.

9- Being open-minded
Being tolerant means accepting the opinions and actions of others and being open to the differences in cultures and lifestyles. If you are able to accept others without prejudice, then you can surely count yourself as an attractor.

10- Praising others when they deserve it
Most people love to receive praise from others when they do something well. Therefore, if you have the ability to admire others, it means you are distinct in character, as flattering others creates a positive vibe and a feeling of happiness for the other person. And be sure this will make you glow

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