The Hijabi Comic Con Super Fans Who Slayed Their Costumes

“When someone says you can’t do something, do it twice and take pictures” – is a common quote seen on various social media platforms, but these comic con super fans did exactly that.

Anyone who ever thought or said that hijabi women couldn’t ever be superheroes is going to want to take it back as a group of young Muslim women visited New York 2018’s Comic Con dressed as the Avengers and they did not disappoint!

Going viral, Maliha Fairooz, one of the hijabi Avengers, shared photos of herself and her gang in full garb, and all for good reason as they won third place in the ‘Marvel Becoming Costume Contest’ which takes into consideration costume craftsmanship, attitude on stage, as well as overall appearance and attitude.

Having taken place from 4th-7th October, Comic-Con had an all Muslim panel this year. The event happens all over the world in various cities and has just celebrated its 10th edition. Comic Con plays host to people of all ages who dress up as their favourite superheroes, and get to meet the writers of their most beloved comics. Open to the public, you don’t need an invitation to attend or get involved, no discrimination of gender, colour, religion, or race – all you have to do is show up to enjoy it.

This year in New York, not only did the hijabi Avengers attend, but also a Muslim family of Star Wars characters, anime girls, hijabi Batman, a Muslim Dr. Who and another hijabi Captain America.

Across this year many announcements were also made about new female Muslim comic book heroes including Emirati, Emara, American Pakistani, Miss Marvel, and veiled Afghani character, Dust.

We can’t wait to see some more of those costumes at next year’s Comic Con event!

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