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London BFI: The Films Focused Around the Muslim World

Rosamund Pike

Kicking off just a few days ago, the famous film festival is shining a light on films from and set in the Middle East and the Muslim World. The London’s British Film Institute will be screening these productions and making the region proud:

A Private War

Shot partly in Joran, the narrative of this film is focused on Marie Colven who is one of the most celebrated war correspondents of our time, as she reports from the front lines.

Amra And The Second Marriage

Saudi film director, Mahmoud Sabbagh’s Amra and The Second Marriage offers up a daring commentary laced with sharp wit. A black comedy about a middle aged housewife in Saudi Arabia who’s husband is set to take a second wife.

3 Faces

Behnaz Jafari plays a character distressed by a young girl’s plea for help in this Iranian film. The character travels across the country to help the girl who is being restrained by her family from taking up her studies at the Tehran drama conservatory.

May the Devil Take You

A thriller set in Muslim Malaysia that is centered around “Alfie”, who pays a visit to her ailing father after many years of estrangement. Doctors are unable to explain the disease that is affecting her father so she decides to visit his rundown home to find clues.

Dear Son

With their lives revolving around their only son, a Tunisian couple are left distraught after he leaves home to join Daesh in this harrowing tale.


A submission from Turkey at the BFIs, Holiday is about a lavish trip to the Turkish Riviera that takes a horrible turn.

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