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10 Top-Rated Restaurants in Jeddah, According to Online Reviews

Because you deserve five stars.

Mataam al Sharq

Warning – don’t read this on an empty stomach. But do read this list of the top-rated luxury eateries in Jeddah to either plan for a special occasion – or to plot your next splurge, just because you deserve it.

Patrons have called this fine dining establishment that specializes in Italian cuisine “a special place for special moments,” where you can “order any dish blindly.”

Others have singled out its elegant, private and romantic ambience and excellent service. And the pros seem to agree, as Aromi has also been singled out as one of the best by the prestigious Luxury Restaurant Awards.

The restaurant says of itself that is the ideal place to “indulge in panoramic Red Sea vistas and experience the finest Italian cuisines with a Venetian twist.” Aromi has you covered, from a leisurely lunch with friends to important anniversaries and celebrations.

North Corniche Road | Waldorf Astoria Jeddah Qasr Al Sharq
+966 9200 09565


Maatam Al Sharq
If your palette is craving more of a Lebanese, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean taste, follow your nose to the grill at Maatam Al Sharq.

Guests from around the world have left overwhelmingly positive feedback and tend to rate the restaurant with “excellent,” saying specifically that “the food was amazing and the size of the dishes were also abundant,” and that to frequent Maatam Al Sharq to “find best Lebanese food.”

North Corniche Road | Waldorf Astoria Jeddah Qasr Al Sharq
+966 9200 09565


Sakura Japanese Restaurant
This exquisite Japanese restaurant is right to prompt its patrons to follow and tag them on social media, because their beautiful creations are exactly what you’d want to see on your feed. With one dish looking prettier than the next, this sushi is art you can eat.

Sakura offers a selective menu of authentic Japanese dishes, as well as elegant Sushi Bar – and see through kitchen so you can see everything that’s going on behind the scenes.

Al Cornich Road | Crowne Plaza Jeddah Hotel
+966 12 661 1000


Although also highly praised as a top-quality destination in general, this authentic Lebanese restaurant scores overwhelmingly positive with guests who recommend the location specifically for business meetings and for gatherings with friends. Patrons singled out the grilled shrimp and grilled meat platters, with Byblos’ mezze, its tabbouleh and fatoosh salads, and of course the hummus also ranking high on the list of things you must try. 

Al Hamra Street
+966 12 669 5894


Al Khayal
Critics have called Al Khayal a “meat-lover’s paradise” that has an “ethos to spread classic Turkish cuisine to the Middle East using the best ingredients to make the most succulent dishes.”

Al Khayal also has a flair for showmanship by serving the longest kebabs in the country – that are up to half a meter in length! If you’re undecided, try ordering the popular mixed grill, which includes grilled chicken, choice cuts of beef and kebab, with french fries and rice and sides of grilled tomatoes and peppers. Some have pointed out the importance of pacing yourself in order to leave some room for the delicious desert.

+966 12 662 9999


With a name like this, there may not be a lot of room for speculation – but with a restaurant like this, there is a lot of room for great surprises. Noodles serves up a large selection of Asian dishes with emphasis on Chinese cuisine and vegetarians will be delighted by the many options they have to choose from.

Guests have called Noodles a “superb dining experience” and have also praised the general quality of hospitality and the friendliness of the staff. Regardless whether Chinese is your favorite or if you’re new to this type of food, keep an open mind and bring your appetite for a bit of everything because during their weekly buffet that’s available every Saturday from noon till 4PM, you can try from their array of (of course!) noodles, salads, tofu, teppanyaki, sushi, sea food, dim sum, meats – and deserts.

Rosewood Jeddah at North Corniche Road, Shatie District, 2nd Floor
+966 12 260 7138


If there’s one thing that the zodiac tell us is that we’re all kind of different, but also that we’re all basically alike, too.

Zodiac the restaurant lives up to this principle by offering of a wide spectrum of European favorites that are heavily inspired by the tastes of Italy, France, Spain and beyond that, together, form a coherent overview of the highlights of European dining. Aside from the impressive menu, patrons have praised the conceptual décor and the restaurant’s outside seating with an amazing panoramic view.

Falasteen Street
+966 12 660 7548


Fogo De Chão Brazilian Steakhouse
Sometimes you know exactly what you want – and sometimes it’s as simple a perfect, juicy steak. According to Fogo de Chão, the name itself means "fire of ground" and this summarizes the traditional gaucho method of roasting meats over an open fire.

Popular the world over, this Brazilian steakhouse has taken KSA by storm, with the Jeddah version boasting two floors of dining as well as a rooftop terrace. There are group and private dining areas available, including a second floor that overlooks the main areas of the restaurant.

At the heart of the restaurant is the open kitchen where guests can watch Brazilian-trained gaucho chefs prepare and cook the various cuts of meat in full view of the large “churrasquiera” grill. Not an afterthought but part of this rich dining experience (and it’s really an experience) is the large salad bar that offers great sides to your succulent steak that’s been grilled to perfection.

Or, if you’re accompanying your meat-loving family and friends and would prefer something else, you can also build a meal around seafood, with jumbo shrimp cocktails and salmon or sea bass mains to choose from.

Al-Amir Sultan Street
+966 9200 06815


Sura Korean Fine Dining
Between the review saying, “Really good Korean food. I will be returning!” and another guest proclaiming, “Everything was very tasty and the service was also spectacular. I can't wait to go back!” and yet another saying “I can’t believe I didn’t go there sooner. I must go again,” Sura Korean Fine Dining sure knows how to thrill its guests.

With an array of staples dishes from Korea, this restaurant will soon have you declaring your new favorite foods! Although these flavors may not be familiar to everyone, dining at Sura is a great way to get a literal taste and overview of this type of cuisine.

You could start with the most popular dishes, which include tteokbokki (stir-fried rice cakes), bulgogi (thin, marinated and grilled slices of beef), bulgogi gimbap (the previous mentioned grilled beef wrapped in rice and seaweed, like larger sushi roles but with meat), and kimchi bokkeum-bap (kimchi, the traditional side dish made from flavorful and spicy cabbage, mixed with fried rice and topped with a fried egg).

Try something new or have your favorites cooked just the way they’re meant to be; either way, Sura Korean Fine Dining will be an experience.

Prince Saud Al Faisal Street, Al Rawdah Star Center
+966 12 663 2001


Al Nakheel
Rounding off this list is Al Nakheel, an evergreen that, due to its consistently high standards, has remained very popular in Jeddah with visitors and locals alike.

Guests have praised the local dishes and the restaurant’s open seating area that is located across the shore, where patrons can take their time and smoke a shisha as well. Some have even declared it to be the best out door place in town! Its remote location is a pro and a con but once you’re there, the authentic dishes and relaxed atmosphere will dazzle you.

Come here to unwind or impress even the most well travelled visitors from out-of-town.

Corniche Road, Palm Garden
+966 12 606 6644


Honorable Mentions:

Italian dishes, pizza, salads, ice cream
Etoile Mall, Al-Malik Road, Al-Zahrah District
+966 2 692 2501

Ginza I Chome
Asian (mainly Japanese, incl. sushi), vegetarian friendly and with vegan options
2174 Corniche Road, Shatie District-Rosewood Jeddah
+966 12 260 7187


19th Century Burger
American-style burgers, family friendly and quick
Amir Sultan Street
+966 9200 33900


The Bellevue
Creative baking
Al Shatee
+966 9200 06778


High-quality Chinese cuisine
King Abdul Aziz Rd, Al Khalidiyyah
+966 50 466 5658

Jeddah has such a wide array of high quality restaurants that it was hard to choose a top 10. This is a mere overview of some of the best cuisine that the entire world has to offer, right here in KSA. Perhaps your own top 10 includes one or more of the spectacular restaurants listed above, or maybe there are some hidden spots that only you know of.

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