Skyline Posters Bring Out the Highlights of Your City and Your Room

Instantly recognizable and maybe also a bit cool, you know that your city is secretly – or maybe not so secretly – the best.

Aspiring filmmaker Denise Themi, who is based in Turkey, built herself a modest, high-quality business based on her love for cinema and graphic design. Best known perhaps for her reimagined poster designs of iconic films from as early as the 1940s, Denise also created a series that specifically highlights the unique skylines of cities from around the world. From Kuwait City to Cairo and from Mecca to Manama, there’s something here for everybody:

These minimalist posters come in a few different formats and will bring the best elements of your favorite cityscape into your home or into that of a loved one.

Maybe looking at them will inspire you to rediscover parts of your favorite city all over again.

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