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Bat’s Blood, Labneh, and Other Arab Beauty Hacks You Probably Didn’t Know About

This may interest you if you’re into handy DIY home beauty remedies, “the more natural, the better it is” we hear you say! Some of you may have already heard about a few of these home skin and hair care hacks but you might not be prepared for the blood of a bat!

Arabs have been using items from their kitchens to maintain luscious locks and clear skin, and these are just some of them that are apparently beneficial to our appearances.


If you have the type of skin that burns in the sun, or just sunbathed a touch too long, you won’t need to go further than your fridge to help soothe the burning sensation. All you need is labneh – which is said to have a cooling effect.


This beauty hack comes from India and is an ancient beauty hack which has also become prevalent in the Middle East. People from the Indian subcontinent have always sworn by mixing together turmeric, sandalwood and milk to keep skin bacteria-free and acne-free, as well as balance out uneven skin tone. If you’re suffering from a cold or flu, turmeric in hot milk is also drunk in order to strengthen and heal the immune system.

Bat’s Blood
The blood of a bat isn’t the easiest to obtain and seems rather a grisly thought, however, in Lebanon it is said that if you rub the blood of a bat on a new born child, they will not grow body hair, even into adulthood!


Mayonnaise might sound like an odd beauty hack, but it does contain eggs, olive oil, and vinegar to name a few ingredients. The condiment is believed to have a number of benefits for your hair including stimulating hair growth and making it soft and shiny.

Chamomile and Lemon

Chamomile and lemon sound like the perfect concoction for a cup of tea, but did you know that it is the natural way to lighten your hair? Some may argue that this beauty hack is a myth, but there is only one way to find out. Mix some chamomile, lemon and water together and bask in the sunshine for a few hours. If you find it hasn’t worked, at least you managed to get a golden glow.

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