A New Take On An Old Tradition: Ultraviolet Henna

We know every kind of henna in the book – white henna, coloured henna, henna that tells a love story and henna that looks like an accessory. But ultraviolet henna is a little bit different. This glow-in-the dark trend has been all over Instagram and will definitely be popular this summer.

UV henna isn’t really henna because it isn’t made from henna plant leaves, but it is designed and used in the same way. Unlike regular henna, UV art is made from body paint that washes off easily, so it’s best for short-term use.

Because it washes off, it’s low-commitment and perfect for a night out – you will literally be glowing. The gorgeous body art can even decorate your face – if you put actual henna on your face, your boss would probably give you odd looks the next day.

If you’re going to do it yourself, you’ll probably need some inspiration for your designs. Check out @sarashenna for delicate henna (she was one of the first to use white henna and does UV henna photoshoots).

@zareenshenna is also a great spot for inspiration on intricate designs, but may be a bit tricky to follow for a newbie!

@henna_by_asmaali has colourful designs that pop and will have you grabbing the body paint.

Once festival season hits the U.S, get ready to see a lot of UV henna selfies. Better yet, the next time you have a night out with the girls, deck yourselves out with some amazing body art – it will make the hours you spent looking through henna photos on Instagram worth it! 

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