These GCC Fitstagrams Will Keep You Exercising All Year

Everyone promises to lose weight or get fit in January, but by February most of us are reaching for the chips and plopping on the couch to watch TV. Luckily, some people have more inner strength – follow these fitness Instagram accounts to keep motivated all year long.

@meganjoy.m, 82,000+ followers

Megan is South African but based in Dubai, and she’s one of the most followed accounts because her poses are elegant, graceful and look extremely difficult. Her fitness focus is on crossfit, yoga and calisthenics.

@healthyhoffy, 27,000+ followers

The UAE-based blogger does intense weights, calisthenics, and all sorts of poses we can’t even begin to understand. She’s also the global education director at the World Calisthenics Organization, so fitness is her profession. When you see what she’s doing at the gym, it’ll make you realize that half an hour on the treadmill isn’t something to complain about.

@hd_fitness, 15,000+ followers

Hala is a certified personal trainer in Saudi, her poses and exercises will leave you excited to get to the gym and feel the burn. You can email her for proper sports nutrition and guidance. She also hosts fitness events, which are great for motivation and making some gym buddies!

@tima_love_life, 10,000+ followers


Can you spot our Bounce Fuchsia Legging?! #lovelife

A post shared by TIMA® LOVE LIFE (@tima_love_life) on

This is really a Saudi sportswear brand, but they post a lot about active women and host events, so following this account is a sure way to keep up to date. It also doesn’t hurt that the women in their photos are #goals.

@alive_yogini, 1000+ followers


I've realized that it takes me a good few days to transition between an old and new year. A lot of work on letting go of what no longer serves took place in December, and it's been a blessing for me to sit down and just chill the last 3 days and let the universe do it's work. It is humbling to slow down, to observe, to surrender and just be then you witness magic! Be it energy shifts, be it found clarity, be it new wisdom. I found myself in handstand this evening, one inside a door frame, very much supported from all sides, and the thought in my head was, at this moment in time, this is my best work, this is my handstand, and it's a perfect one! #LetGo #SelfTrust #Surrender #Energy #LoveLife #AlwaysDoYourBest #TheFourAgreements #Yoga #Yogini #YogaJourney #YogaPractice #AdhoMukhaVrksasana #Handstand #Balance #Namaste

A post shared by Aisha B (@alive_yogini) on

Aisha, based in Bahrain, is incredible at yoga and will make you want to dig out your yoga mat from the back of the closet. She also hosts yoga sessions for all ages – some specifically for kids, so keep checking for events you can go to. 

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